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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Week 7: NFL Draft Stock Watch for 2011

Each and every week, on Wednesday nights, I will update The 3-4 readers on movements within my Big Board. Previous week's performances will dictate which players are labeled, stock up/down.

Stock Up
Kerrigan sacks QB Dayne Crist of ND
Ryan Kerrigan
Flying up boards as fast as he flies around on the football field, Kerrigan is one of the lone symbols of consistency at defensive end in the 2011’s coming draft. Every game I have seen from him, Kerrigan displays unheard of effort, giving 100% effort on every down; the motor never stops, and his well-rounded skill set makes him an asset to any team he joins next April.

Anthony Castonzo
Facing the FBS leaders in sacks, Florida State, Castonzo was faced with the task of withholding a very potent and explosive pass rush. Castonzo was solid throughout the game, and sparked a great start for running back Montel Harris. In the 1st quarter, Harris had eclipsed 150 yards rushing. From that point on, the Seminoles overloaded Castonzo’s side and forced BC to run strong side, which resulted in an ultimate shutdown of Harris altogether. Nevertheless Castonzo is showing signs of improvement in run blocking, and maintains good pass blocking ability.
Cam Newton for Heisman

Cam Newton
Heisman candidate? I think so. Newton who just last year was winning a Junior College national championship with Blinn College in Brenham, TX, is now the spotlight of the SEC. Leading the Auburn Tigers to an undefeated record and running for more than 175 yards in 3 consecutive SEC matchups (as a quarterback), Newton has been the sole reason that Auburn has been able to win so many close games, modeling the clutch abilities of a Vince Young. Nevertheless the comparisons end there, as Newton is a much better passer, smoother runner, and just so happens to be 6’6 and 250 lbs. His silky smooth elusiveness is so strange for a quarterback his size, and his powerful explosiveness inside the tackles makes him a bear to tackle. Newton has thrust himself into the Heisman talks as the top dog, and also makes the case for the best player in all of college football.

Adrian Clayborn
Facing one of the nation’s most explosive players in Michigan’s Denard Robinson, Clayborn was responsible for leading the defensive efforts in Iowa’s 38-28 road victory in the Big House. In playing his responsibilities, Clayborn set a hard edge on nearly every play, forcing Robinson to cutback into the scraping linebackers and D-lineman. Although Clayborn lacks that pure length many NFL scouts vie for, Clayborn more than compensates this deficiency with his active hands and sheer upper body strength. Clayborn has a thick lower body and huge thighs, allowing him to set a firm anchor at the point of attack. Very solid effort.

J.J. Watt
J.J. Watt and this Wisconsin Badgers upset the #1 Ranked Ohio State Buckeyes
Upsetting the #1 team in the country aside, J.J. Watt is an animal at the line of scrimmage. Not exactly the most explosive player on the field, Watt was physically dominant Saturday. Using his strong arms and length, Watt fought through a tough offensive line of Ohio State with disruptive play; 4 tackles, 3 for a loss, and 2 sacks.

Justin Blackmon
Quietly and steadily Justin Blackmon of the Oklahoma State Cowboys has put together a Heisman caliber season. Leading the Nation in yards per game and yards receiving, Blackmon has been torching defenses right and left. I have yet to personally scout this kid, however my eyes, and many others are now pinpointed directly at this talented athlete. Hopefully he can make better decisions than his former teammate Dez Bryant.

Ryan Broyles
Having a career day on Saturday, Broyles is now making the case as one of the premier receivers in a deep underclassman group of receivers. Broyles rejoins the top 32

Stock Down
Ryan Mallet 
Not much to say other than he missed an opportunity to upset a highly ranked team once again. This time was all the more disappointing however as an early 2nd quarter concussion following a touchdown to tie the game left Mallet unable to play for the remainder of the game. Mallet is no doubt very gifted, and it is tough to see a competitor like himself get knocked out of a marquee matchup. Moving forward, Mallet will have plenty of big time games and other venues to improve his stock, however there were a number of players who performed extraordinarily well this past weekend.

Ryan Williams
Another on the injury list, Williams has yet to play since early this season, and due to players around him performing so highly, including his running mate Darren Evans.

Robert Quinn
Same as mentioned with Williams, except this guy’s MIA can be attributed to illegal agent dealings; Quinn looks to continue to fall down draft boards as other players play well throughout the season, however don’t be surprised if Quinn still is taken within the first 5 picks of the 2011 draft. Yeah, he’s that freakishly talented.

Quan Sturdivant
Not showing anything since the week 1 loss to LSU, Sturdivant isn’t as strong at the point of attack as I had hoped. Sturdivant is no doubt incredibly talented, instinctive, and fluid, however he lacks the top end strength of a ILB to be inside the top 32.

*Noteable additions to Big Board: Ryan Broyles
*Noteable dropoffs from the Big Board: Quan Sturdivant


  1. Cam Newton is an impressive college player, but do you really see him as a legitimate NFL prospect? Vince Young hasn't faired to well in the NFL, and in college Young was asked to pass a lot more than Newton.

  2. I do; if he can continue to improve on the foundations of his skill set he can. He has the arm of Jamarcus Russell but the running ability of Vince Young. His throwing mechanics seem well founded, and if he improves his accuracy I see him as a new "prototype" quarterback; ushering in a new type of players who play QB.