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Monday, October 25, 2010

MNF: Cowboys Perspective

Players to watch:

WR Miles Austin – It is amazing how quickly Austin has become one of the best receivers in the NFL. Undrafted out of Monmouth University, Austin finally got his first start 5 weeks into the last years season. Since then he has simply dominated, putting up 100+ receptions 1700+ yards and 12 TD in the 17 games. He is big, strong, fast, and runs great routes. It would be hard for anyone to argue that he is not a top 5 receiver in the NFL right now.

CB Mike Jenkins– Jenkins has been picked on a lot in the last couple of games. The former first rounder out of South Florida has tons of skill but has been a little too aggressive and is often flagged for pass interference. Lets see if he can make some adjustments and make some plays against turnover prone QB Eli Manning.

The Offensive Line – To say the Giants defensive line has been disruptive so far would be a huge understatement. The Giants have 21 sacks, 23 tackles for loss and 14 forced fumbles to this point. The Cowboys O-line has done a pretty good job to this point only allowing 7 sacks, but they are really going to be tested tonight.

Key Matchup: WR Hakeem Nicks vs CB Terrance Newman

In only his second year Giants WR Hakeem Nicks is becoming a star receiver in the NFL. He will most likely be matched up against Newman, one of the top corners in the league. Nicks is coming off a hamstring injury so he may be slowed. Fortunately for Nicks his biggest strengths is his great route running ability and hands, he does not rely on pure speed like many receivers so Newman may still have his hands full. Nicks has showed that he can go off and single handedly win a game for the Giants, so if Newman can shut him down, it will go long way in helping the Cowboys win.

Why the Cowboys will win: The Cowboys really need this win. All the talent is there for the Cowboys and even though they are 1-4, they have been in every game losing by 7 or less. If the Cowboy team that showed up against a great Texans team on the road, can show up tonight I have no doubt they can win this game. There has been so much scrutiny and so many people bad mouthing the Cowboys, I think they cannot wait to show up to this game and prove everyone wrong. I think they will come in front of a huge home crowd and play with a chip on their shoulder. Look for Jason Witten, DeMarcus Ware, Keith Brooking, Bradie James and the other leaders on the Cowboys to come out and have big games.

Prediction: Cowboys 31 Giants 17

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