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Monday, October 11, 2010

MNF: Vikings Perspective

Players to watch:

WR Randy Moss – Obviously the biggest story of the night. It is his first game back with Vikings, he is going up against CB Darrelle Revis who is back from an injury, He just got traded for an unknown reason from the Patriots, so on and so on... There are so many story lines involving Moss that I think by the end of the night we will be sick of hearing his name.

DE Jared Allen - Allen has been awfully quiet so far this year. Let’s see if he can get some pressure on the Jets young QB.

WR Percy Harvin – Harvin has struggled so far without WR Sidney Rice opening up the field and taking pressure off him. Now with a true number one receiver in Moss, who can be that deep threat to spread the field, Harvin may get back on track tonight and benefit with Moss on the field, the same way Wes Welker did when Moss was on the Patriots.

Key Matchup: A lot of big matchups in this game Jared Allen vs. D’Brickashaw Ferguson, Moss vs. Revis, Adrian Peterson v. the Jets D. But I'm thinking the biggest and most underrated matchup is TE Dustin Keller vs. the Vikings linebackers. Keller has become Sanchez’s favorite target this year and he has made some key plays including 5 of Sanchez 8 TD passes.

Why the Vikings will win: Adrian Peterson. He is running with a purpose this year. People have forgotten that Peterson in still, in my opinion, the best back in the NFL. I think the Jets and Rex Ryan will be so focused on the Brett Favre and Randy Moss attack that they will forget the reason the Vikings offense is so good. Another reason is that everyone is forgetting about the Vikings defense. They currently rank 2nd in points allowed, but that seems to be a forgotten aspect in this game. I think they are going to have a chip on their shoulder tonight.

Final Score: Vikings 24 Jets 13

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