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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Week 5 Thoughts

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs are sitting at 3-1 after their first loss of the season to the Indianapolis Colts. I was really interested in this game because I wanted to see if the Chiefs were for real. To be honest I was expecting the Colts and Peyton Manning to come out and dominate on their home turf. The Chiefs made Peyton Manning, who had been absolutely dominate in his first four games, look very uncomfortable. The Chiefs defense showed me a lot in this game, its been a long time since any team has got in Manning's face and made him that frustrated. What was most impressive was their ability to bend but not break. The Colts drove down the field a couple of times only to be stopped by the Chiefs and forced to kick field goals. Had WR Dwayne Bowe caught Matt Cassel's deep pass in the end zone this game would have been completely different.

RB Arian Foster
Foster came out and dominated the first four weeks. Last week, however, he had 25 yards on 11 carries. The defensive line of the Giants had a field day and really created a lot of problems for the Texans. Foster faces the Chiefs next week I think he may have some trouble against the Chiefs, but overall will be very good the rest of the year.

NFC West
I said before the season I thought the biggest question mark in the NFC, was who would win the division. After 5 weeks I am still not convinced who will take this division. I still believe that the 49ers have the most talented team in the division, yet somehow they sit at 0-5. The team that lost the most key players out of any team in the NFL , the Arizona Cardinals, are leading the division at 3-2. The NFC West has been so bad that that all four teams in the division have been outscored by their opponents .

Green Bay Packers
You have to feel bad for the Packers, just look at this injury report: http://www.packers.com/team/injury-report.html , oh and they have a slew of players on the IR including CB Al Harris, S Atari Bigby, RB Ryan Grant.

There is some good news for Packers fans, Brett Favre and all of his controversy will be playing in Lambeau in two weeks, hopefully QB Aaron Rodgers will be back in time. Or Maybe they will start my boy Graham Harrell who is on the practice squad:

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