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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

V/S of the Day 10/13/10

Colt McCoy may be starting his first game against the Steelers this weekend. I really like Colt McCoy as an NFL prospect, but I think he may be a little over his head against the stout Steelers defense.

Video of his top 10 plays:

Stat of the Day:

Looks like putting up big numbers in the passing and rushing game does not necessarily equate to wins.

Top 5 Passers
1. Phillip Rivers (2-3)
2. Kyle Orton (2-3)
3. Peyton Manning (3-2)
4. Drew Brees (3-2)
5. Tony Romo (1-3)

Overall Record: 11-13

Top 5 Rushers
1. Arian Foster (3-2)
2. Chris Johnson (3-2)
3. Adrian Peterson (1-3)
4. Ahmad Bradshaw (3-2)
5. LaDainian Tomlinson (4-1)

Overall Record: 14-10

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