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Sunday, October 3, 2010

AJ's Week 4 NFL Picks Against the Spread

I have had a number of people asking me if I could predict games against the spread, so here goes.  I apologize for not doing so during the first few games of the season.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

49ers at Falcons (-6.5)
AJ's Pick: Falcons.  The 49ers have looked pretty miserable thus far.  Alex Smith was supposed to have a breakout season as they retained offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye.  He was fired after they got smoked by the Chiefs.

Jets (-6.5) at Bills
AJ's Pick: Jets.  I think Sanchez will keep playing as well as he has the last few weeks and the Jets' D will shut down a Bills' offense that put up 30 points last week (against a week Pats' D)

Bengals (-3) at Browns
AJ's Pick: Bengals.  A week after being ripped up by Anquan Boldin, expect the Bengals to throw the ball a lot this week, with Cedric Benson struggling with a knee injury.

Lions at Packers (-14.5)
AJ's Pick: Lions.  The Lions could well be 2-1 at this point.  The Lions will keep this a close game.

Broncos at Titans (-6.5)
AJ's Pick: Titans.  The best passing offense thus far vs. the fifth best pass defense.  The fifth best pass defense also has Chris Johnson running the ball.  

Seahawks (-1) at Rams
AJ's Pick: Seahawks.  In probably the least exciting game of the week, the Seahawks linebackers will play a huge role in this game.  And Stephen Jackson will see just limited time this week.

Panthers at Saints (-13.5)
AJ's Pick: Saints.  This will be a blowout.

Ravens at Steelers (-1.5)
AJ's Pick: Ravens.  This is going to be a very low-scoring battle, but the Ravens have a few more playmakers on the offensive side of the ball.  Joe Flacco will have to limit the mistakes.  This game is very hard to pick, given the Steelers still have Troy Polamalu...

Texans (-3) at Raiders
AJ's Pick: Texans.  In the Texans last game without Brian Cushing, they will make it appear that they don't even need him, shutting down the Raiders offense.

Colts (-9) at Jaguars
AJ's Pick: Colts.  Peyton Manning has yet to throw an interception (9 TDs) and expect more of the same.  

Redskins at Eagles (-6)
AJ's Pick: Eagles.  In the game that everyone is talking about because of Donovan McNabb, and I think the Redskins will step up in an enormous way for him.  However, Mike Vick has a stronger team surrounding him.
Eagles fans better not boo McNabb.  He gave everything he had to that organization and they shipped him off.

Cardinals at Chargers (-8)
AJ's Pick: Chargers.  The Cardinals gameplan and success is built around a high-powered aerial attack, and Derek Anderson has thrown just three touchdowns in three games, and is completing a dismal 52% of his passes.

Bears at Giants (-3.5)
AJ's Pick: Bears.  With a stifling defense, a revamped offense and explosive special teams, the Bears will continue the Giants two game losing streak.

Patriots (-1) at Dolphins
AJ's Pick: Patriots.  Brady has too many weapons.  This is going to be a high-scoring game, as the Patriots defense looked miserable against the Bills a week ago.

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