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Saturday, October 2, 2010

College Football: Week 5 Pick'em

Last week's record: 7-3

Total win/loss since week 2: 22-8

#22 Penn State at #17 Iowa
Alex's pick: #17 Iowa
Why: PSU has a freshman QB going to division opponent Iowa's home field against one of the best defensive fronts in college football. Add that to the fact that Penn St. is 2-8 in the last 10 meetings, including a winless stretch since 1999 at Iowa city; I'll take Iowa by 1.
#11 Wisconsin at #24 Michigan State
Alex's pick: #24 Michigan State
Why: Michigan State is playing at a very high level right now, running the ball well, and Wisconsin has really struggled against weaker opponents recently. Most specifically Arizona State, as they could have easily lost that game; I'll take Michigan State by 6.
Michigan State
Navy at Air Force
Alex's pick: Air Force
Why: Ah, what a hell of a game? Two smashmouth football teams, who serve our country across the seas, face off on the gridiron. Air Force has proven to be a tough loss to numerous ranked opponents, and I feel they will bring the wood to Navy. Air Force by 10.
Air Force
Notre Dame at Boston College
Alex's pick: Notre Dame
Why: Notre Dame's WRs will be open all day against a porous BC secondary; ND by 17.
Notre Dame
Michigan at Indiana
Alex's pick: Michigan
Why: Denard Robinson; see Heisman Watch...
Virginia Tech at #23 North Carolina State
Alex's pick: #23 NC State
Why: I continually pick NC State to lose....but they just will not! Virginia Tech's offense without a healthy Ryan Williams keeps sputtering, and NC State wins this one for the home crowd. NC State by 6.
Virginia Tech
#16 Miami at Clemson
Alex's pick: #16 Miami
Why: Clemson's O-Line will get dominated much like Pittsburgh's was last thursday. Allen Bailey leads this team from a pressure standpoint, and this game should help to bolster his ranking in my Big Board for next week. Miami is too talented across the lineup; Miami by 10.
#7 Florida at #1 Alabama
Alex's pick: #1 Alabama
Why: After watching Alabama last week come back from a 17-7 deficit against Arkansas, I realized they truly deserve the #1ranking; this team has more resolve than ever, as they know Florida will give them their best game. Florida loses in a strong effort much like Arkansas did; Alabama finds a way to win by less than a TD. Alabama by 3.
#21 Texas vs #8 Oklahoma
Alex's pick: #8 Oklahoma
Why: Texas' offense is in shambles; a failed commitment this offseason to a heavy rushing attack has left the entire group out of sync...Oklahoma really brings it to Bevo and Co., winning by double digits. Oklahoma by 14.
#9 Stanford at #4 Oregon
Alex's pick: #9 Stanford
Why: Stanford's defense has been phenomenal this season, and Andrew Luck will play at a high level on the road against this Top5 Oregon Ducks squad. Stanford by 7.

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