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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Video, Picture and NFL Stat of the Day - October 5, 2010

Randy Moss Trade Rumors Flying Everywhere!  It's Randy Moss Day.

NFL Stat of the Day
Terrell Owens passed Isaac Bruce this weekend for the second most receiving yards in a career - and no one blinked.  That's because Jerry Rice's record of 22,895 yards is the most unsurpassable record in all of sports.

Top 5 Career Receiving Yardage Leaders
Jerry Rice - 22,895
Terrell Owens - 15,325
Isaac Bruce - 15,208
Tim Brown - 14,934
Randy Moss - 14,604

Pic of the Day - This catch was jaw-dropping

Video of the Day:  Moss' 2007, record-breaking season in a highlight tape.  A lot to handle


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