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Friday, October 8, 2010

V/P/D of the Day

Top 10 luckiest plays, pretty interesting:

Stat of the Day:
I don't think that anyone would have guessed that a quarter of the way through, Broncos QB Kyle Orton would be leading the NFL in passing with 1,419 yards (Tim Tewbow who?) and Houstons RB Arian Foster would be leading the NFL in rushing with 537 yards.

Debate of the day:

If your a Broncos or Bears fan, who would you rather have Jay Cutler or Kyle Orton as your QB?

I would go Orton. I've never liked Cutler's attitude on and off the field. I also don't like how he continually makes a lot of risky throws off his back foot and a lot of poor decisions. Orton may not be the flashy guy, and may not be as talented as Cutler, but I would trust him a lot more as my QB.


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