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Saturday, October 9, 2010

NFC West Quarter Review

This is starting to become a perennial occurrence, but it seems this year is worse than usual.
Arizona (2-2)
The Cardinals, who could easily be the front-runner for this division, has what possibly may be the worst QB situation in the NFL. Cutting Matt Leinart might have been a smart move if they had anyone of significant talent at QB on the roster. Instead they have Derek Anderson, who even the Cleveland Browns didn’t want, and the undrafted rookie QB Max Hall who, despite the confidence of coach Ken Whisenhunt, is still years away from even possibly being considered to be a decent option to start at QB for any NFL team.
Standout Players: Adrian Wilson, Paris Lenon, Greg Toler
Seattle (2-2)
The Seahawks under Pete Carroll’s first year have been an enigma. In two games at home they have won very decisively, but on the road they were blown out by the Rams and the Broncos. No NFL team can hope to make the playoffs with a complete inability to play on the road, so Pete Carroll will have to figure out a solution to their road woes if they hope for any shot at the playoffs.
Standout Players: Chris Clemons, Earl Thomas
St. Louis (2-2)
The Rams have been a pleasant surprise as many analysts had the team pegged as the cellar-dweller of this division. Sam Bradford has shown the ability and poise that earned him the first-overall pick the season, and continues to improve with every game. Unfortunately for the Rams the rest of the roster does not have as much promise as Sam Bradford, and even in a division this bad they are not likely to stay competitive as the season progresses.
Standout Players: Sam Bradford, Mark Clayton
San Francisco (0-4)
The 49ers are in desperation mode only 4 games into the season. In any other division, a 0-4 record would have the team already looking towards the draft, but there is a glimmer of hope for the 49ers. The defense, while inconsistent, is loaded with talent and has kept the 49ers in two close games against the Falcons and Saints. If new offensive coordinator Mike Johnson can turn around the offense and Singletary can get consistent play from his defense, San Francisco has the talent to get back into the division race.
Standout Players: Patrick Willis, Frank Gore, Nate Clements
Prediction: The Seahawks are able to win the division because of the ineptitude of the rest of the teams, but whichever team represents the NFC West in the playoffs will be making a swift 1st round exit.

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