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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Week 13: NFL Draft Stock Watch for 2011

 Each and every week, on Wednesday nights, I will update The 3-4 readers on movements within my Big Board. Previous week's performances will dictate which players are labeled, stock up/down.

Stock Up

Kellen Moore (Boise State)
Kellen Moore did just about everything he possibly could have done at the quarterback position, to place his team in a position to stay undefeated. Unfortunately, Nevada came to play as well; dominating the defense, and ultimately winning the football game. Nevertheless, Moore’s play throughout his career cannot be simply overlooked. He has shown great poise in clutch situations, and more importantly has found ways to win football games. Moore is a winner, who has a coolness about himself. His ability to move within the pocket is comparable to Andrew Luck, and his accuracy draws a high grade. Moore without a doubt has a place at the next level, however I wonder where he will be drafted, and whether or not it will take him a few years to begin to see playing time (example- Troy Smith).

Doug Martin (Boise State)
Martin versus Nevada posted huge numbers in a crushing defeat in overtime to Nevada in Reno. Even in the loss, Martin displayed strong running back qualities; downfield vision, agility to break away, and strength behind his pads; he set up blocks nicely and outran defenders; Martin can also break a lot of arm tackles. A solid junior running back, Doug Martin could be a bargain if he decides to bolt for the NFL.

Dan Herron (Ohio State)
In one of the nation’s greatest rivalries, Michigan versus Ohio State, OSU running back Dan Herron did more than impress scouts with his on field play. Herron who has been coined the nickname “Boom”, by the Ohio State faithful for his hard nosed power running style, flashed big play ability and another gear of speed. Busting off a 98 yard TD run that was called back for a downfield holding penalty. Herron is a powerful runner, who has the explosiveness to bust a big gain. This kid has a strong stiff arm, and underrated speed, another real good back that could contribute early on at the next level.

Underclassmen Wideouts
Here are some high rising WRs who upped their game last Saturday;
1.     Torrey Smith, WR, Maryland Jr.
Smith caught 14 passes for 224 yards and 4 scores; He has truly developed his game as a receiver, from the routes he runs, to the authority he exhibits when catching the rock. A very solid prospect who has vast potential due to his physical attributes (record power clean max by a Maryland WR, and the second best squat of any Maryland WR all time). Could work his way into the top 3 or 5 of Wide Receivers in next year’s draft.
2.     Justin Blackmon, WR, Ok. State, So.(Rs)
Blackmon did not exactly tear up the stat sheet yesterday, but what I saw was a grit and determination to win by Blackmon. Nursing an injured ankle that noticeably affected his explosiveness, Blackmon continued to run full effort routes, and still gained separation on defenders despite not being 100%. Another solid week for one of the nation’s top wide receivers
3.     Darvin Adams, WR, Auburn, Jr.
Adams has emerged as Cam Newton’s go to receiver, and has shown extremely good route running abilities, and ball skills. Adams made big catch after big catch; on the sideline on a key 4th down, on a 3rd down over the middle, no matter where on the field Adams was sure to come down with the pivotal catch. Adams could possibly come out with Cam Newton and be drafted within the rounds of 4 to 6.
Stock Down

Mark Barron (Alabama)
Eyes peering into the backfield, or eyes locked on his man, Barron against Auburn last Friday just could not seem to make a play on the ball when it was in the air. Sometimes he was in good position, most times he was not, but in both cases Barron was victimized by the Auburn passing attack. Barron showed his tough style of football, helping out in the run defense with big hits, but failed to cover the back end of the field. His poor play ultimately led to the Auburn comeback victory. It seems there are no real solid safety prospects in this draft that could go in the first round. I see Barron as a 2nd or 3rd round guy, based solely on talent.

Boise State’s D-Line
After a strong first half, the Bronco’s front seven, particular on the d-line, was absolutely manhandled by Nevada’s pistol rushing attack of Colin Kaepernicke and Vai Taua. The inability to stop the run, led to the Wolf Pack’s successful use of PA passes. Also, there was absolutely zero pass rush on Kaepernicke, and even when there was a pass rush, they tackled very poorly and allowed Kaepernicke to escape the pressure. Overall a terrible and ultimately sad night for the Boise State Broncos, as a win would have most certainly placed them in at the least a BCS Rose Bowl. Some notable D-lineman I had been looking at; Billy Wynn and Ryan Winterswyk.

*Noteable addition(s) to Big Board: Justin Blackmon and J.J. Watt

*Noteable dropoff(s) from the Big Board: Demarcus Love and Mark Ingram


  1. Torrey Smith actually had 4 touchdowns in his 14 catch, 224 yard performance.

  2. Good catch. It's corrected, won't happen again!

  3. Big time playmaker, once again... Could work his way into earlier rounds, high ceiling and upside