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Friday, December 17, 2010

Ryan Kerrigan Scouting Report

Ryan Kerrigan, DE, Purdue, 6'4 263 lbs

Size / Strength: 9 – Great strength for his size (6'4 260 lbs), Kerrigan can bench press 475 lbs (in comparison, Da'Quan Bowers is said to be able to bench 385 lbs). Kerrigan has excellent upper body strength and anchors very well against the run and double teams. Kerrigan's unique skillset makes him appealing to any team, as he could play anywhere from a 3-4 OLB, 3-4 DE, or 4-3 DE, thanks to his great strength, speed, and pass rush ability.

Speed: 8 -  Good first step off the ball, Kerrigan has the lateral ability to scrape down the line and make plays away from his side. Speed on pass rush is evident as he can blow by elite blockers in the Big Ten with his fluidity in pass rush moves. Has the ability to speed rush around blockers, but also has ability to chase and tackle. Not elite but a faster athlete than one might assume.

Production: 10 Through 4 years at Purdue: 210 tackles, 33 sacks, 4 forced fumbles, and 1 interception. An absolute monster his senior year and one of the most dominant d-lineman in the country, Kerrigan racked up 13 sacks, 70 tackles en route to winning the Big Ten Defensive player of the year. 

Intangibles: 10 Showed extreme improvement from his junior year to his senior year; is a workout warrior and strong competitor. High end motor player that plays through all 4 quarters. Understands how to mentally prepare for games, very humble guy, and continually seeks to improve his game. In interviews, Kerrigan sounds very mature and certainly has a strong work ethic.

Run / Pass Skills: 9 – A polished pass rusher, Kerrigan has a large repertoire of elite pass rush moves. What's scary is during the offseason, he said he plans on adding more moves? Moreover Kerrigan uses his hands effectively in both run and pass situations, shedding blocks and keeping his shoulders squared to make plays to stop the run. Uses his arm length and leverage to get underneath his blocker's pads well, and shows a great understanding of how to beat his man in numerous ways.

Best fit: 4-3 DE, but also could play 3-4 DE because of his strength or 3-4 OLB because of his pass rush skills

X-Factor: How will he run at the combine, and does he have the athleticism to succeed at the next level.

Where he will be picked: Mid to Late First Round

Where he should be picked: Just outside of the Top Ten towards the middle of the First

NFL Comparison: Alex Brown, New Orleans Saints 

Ryan Kerrigan Highlight film

Ryan Kerrigan against Northwestern (2010)


  1. I Really like this guy he has it all. Any team that selects him will get a solid player with alot of upside **Cough** Patriots **Cough**

    Just look at his 2010 Stats.
    Ryan Kerrigan:
    70 Total Tackles
    26 Tackles For Loss
    12.5 Sacks

  2. 33 sacks over his career, no doubt man, I really really like this prospect. My personal favorite for the upcoming draft, interested to see how tests at the combine, because people question his athleticism comparatively to other top DE's and rush OLB's. Patriots could be an excellent fit, we'll see. Check out my latest post, mock draft february edition 2.0, should be the most recent on our homepage. Comment on what you think about your Patriot's first two selections.