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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Patriots Dominate Jets, 45-3

Well, that was interesting.  The Jets dominated in all facets.  They dominated themselves.  They were simply terrible tonight.  And yes, Brady, Welker, Woodhead and the gang were great, but the Jets made this one a lot worse than it had to be.

Hernandez with a TD against the Jets.  Photo: Getty Images
At the half I said out loud, "Sanchez is going to start forcing passes."  Keith said to me after INT #1, "he is going to throw three more" (only ended up with two more).  The Jets' Punter Weatherford kicked terribly, consistently giving the Patriots a short field to work with.  And you can't give number 12 a short field.

The Patriots have been a very opportunistic team this year.  When you make a mistake against them, they make you pay.

My only question is, where has Aaron Hernandez been the past three weeks?  I've been all over this kid since the draft.  He is a NIGHTMARE to match up against.  He runs routes like a receiver, yet he is nearly as big as a tight end.  And his quickness is better than most at either position.  I think he needs to be highly involved in the Pats' offense come playoff time.

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