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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Insight Bowl Update and Prediction

Missouri Vs. Iowa- Insight Bowl 10 PM ET

In order for Missouri to win versus a strong front seven from the Iowa Hawkeyes ( NFL Draft prospects- Adrian Clayborn, Christian Ballard, and Karl Klug), Blaine Gabbert will have to stand in the pocket with poise and release the football in a quick and timely manner. Newly named All-American Tight End, Michael Egnew (who led all tight ends in receiving categories) and versatile slot receiver T.J. Moe will be heavily counted upon by Gabbert as safety valves when pressure arises. Look for both Moe and Egnew to have high reception totals.

Also freshman running back, Henry Josey and junior running back, De'Vion Moore, will need to get some production in order to keep the Hawkeyes honest in their defense. If Missouri can establish a running game (90 yards+ rushing), then the deep part of the field should open up for downfield threat, WR Jerrell Jackson. Jackson has the speed to beat defenses deep, and hasn't exactly had the opportunity in 2010. Maybe in this bowl game, Missouri opens up the playbook and goes long to Jackson. 

The Hawkeyes were picked by some experts to win the Big Ten and possibly earn a bid to a BCS Bowl game. However disappointing losses throughout the season, culminating in the recent suspensions/departures of key players, have characterized this failed season. Kirk Ferentz still however has the talent to win this game nonetheless. 

In my opinion, the Hawkeyes best WR was Marvin McNutt, who seemed to make the big play whenever need be. Ricky Stanzi will no doubt be heavily reliant upon McNutt as he will be without Iowa's all time receiving leader. 

3rd string running back Brandon Wegher is also out for this game, as he has transferred as well. What now seems the only possibility of success is if the strong defense of Iowa can force turnovers that lead to points. Missouri's defense is centered around playing against pass heavy teams, and in this matchup, with 3 key tailbacks out for Iowa, it appears this will play directly into Missouri's strengths. This combined with Blaine Gabbert's efficiency as a passer does not bode well for the Iowa Hawkeyes. 

The player to watch for Iowa will be Adrian Clayborn, who played like a madman in last year's bowl game versus the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. Clayborn and the front seven have to force Gabbert into bad decisions and turnovers if they expect to keep this one close.

The3-4's Pick: Missouri

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  1. Blaine Gabbert is a premier quarterback who is eligible for next year's draft. The main criticism I have is his tendency to bail out on plays too early. Against a solid pass rush, he will need to create time in the pocket and lengthen plays in order to make big gains. A very accurate passer who has good arm strength, Blaine Gabbert is not a system quarterback and has the potential to be successful at the next level.