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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Alex Brown's 2011 Big Board: Week 13

*Noteable addition(s) to Big Board: Justin Blackmon and J.J. Watt

*Noteable dropoff(s) from the Big Board: Demarcus Love and Mark Ingram



  2. stuggles shedding blockers, not productive this season, and there are better options, more elite options rather. Quan is a solid 2nd to 3rd round type of guy. sideline to sideline runner with extreme athleticism however

  3. Dunno about Solder...Most OT's over 6'6" struggle in the NFL, besides Ogden

  4. Solder started off this season with huge hype and scouting recognition because of his raw ability, strength, and potential. Towards the middle of the season he struggled with balance and speed rushers, bringing about concerns about his true draft stock; however he has finished with consistent pass blocking and much improved balance