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Thursday, December 23, 2010

A.J. Green Scouting Report

WR A.J. Green, University of Georgia, 6'4" 210 lbs. (Underclassman)

Size/Ball Skills - 10 - Very lengthy receiver, Green possesses rare arm length, body movement, and strong hands to snag poorly thrown passes or contested passes. Elite ball skills and devastating on the 'back shoulder fade route'. AJ Green has ideal height for a franchise WR (6'4) and will use his size to go and catch passes across the middle of the field.

Speed/Quickness - 9 - A.J. Green has excellent speed to go along with superb height and ball skills. He really can take the top off defenses and act as a scheming nightmare for opposing defensive coordinators.  Quickness is not overly spectacular but very good nonetheless; runs good routes as a result of his fluidity and smooth running form. Strider who can straight up burn people.

Production - 10 - Great production despite being suspended for the first four games of the year, AJ Green caught 6 or more passes, in 6 of his 8 games played this season; Green also notched 86 or more receiving yards in all but two games (6 of 8). In his freshman season with, now NFL starter, Matthew Stafford (Detroit Lions), Green caught 56 balls for a whopping yards and 8 TDs. The following season ( sophomore yr), Green dropped off in all three categories ( 53 receptions, 808 yards, and 6 TDs), however with 4 less games in 2010, Green posted his career season high in TD receptions ( 9 TDs). 

Route Running - 9 - A much better route runner than one would expect, Green has a great understanding on how to break off routes in order to beat a zone. Excels over the deep middle with 'dig' and 'post routes'. 

Best Fit: A team in need of a legitimate number one threat at WR; Green's ability to separate from defenders makes him an elite prospect, and team's that struggle to get WRs open could really use a player like Green. Virtually any team could use a player like A.J. Green, so any team inside the Top 10 will draft him.

X-Factor: Will Andrew Luck declare for the draft? If so, then Green would be looking around the top 10. If not, then Green could easily bust inside the top 5. In all reality, there is no reason for doubt that he will not be the first WR taken in the 2011 draft. Green needs to stay in shape, bulk up his frame to somewhere around 218, run well, and be smart.

Where he will be picked: Early First Round (Top 10)

Where he should be picked: Early First Round (Top 10). I don't see teams passing on Green as they did in last year's draft with Dez Bryant, or in year's previous (2009 Michael Crabtree). Green is healthy, he is talented, and he has a world of potential.

NFL Comparison: Randy Moss, Tennessee Titans

Highlights from A.J. Green, Sophomore Season (2009)

Here is a ridiculous one-handed catch by A.J. Green

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