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Monday, December 13, 2010

Stanford QB Andrew Luck Lays Out Shareece Wright After a Fumble

This is interesting.  First look at the effort by Peyton Manning, one of the greatest QBs of all time:

Absolutely no effort on one of his FOUR interceptions for touchdowns in two weeks.  Now check out potential number one draft pick, Stanford QB Andrew Luck:

I always thought that when you throw an interception, you make the tackle.  In most situations, you just cost your team a chance to score.  Now go do something about it.  Whenever I threw an interception, which was more than I wanted to, I felt like I could take out my anger by making the tackle.  Now, I can't say I ever hit anyone as hard as Andrew Luck did, but it always felt pretty good to make the tackle.

With all of the skills that Andrew Luck brings with him, seeing this says an AWFUL lot about his character.  To be a QB in the NFL you must play with a passion, and that is 100% what Andrew Luck shows.

Does playing a sport professionally take some of the competitiveness out of players?  I always have felt that college players tend to play harder than professional ones.  Particularly in football and basketball.  Sure you have those guys like Ray Lewis and Troy Polamalu, but a lot of professional athletes get soft when they start making millions.

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