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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

NFL and NFLPA Updates

Two stories broke today regarding current NFLPA issues:

ESPN - "NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says there could be a new labor agreement in place by the Super Bowl "if we all commit to it and work hard at it."

What the hell are they waiting for?  I have seen these words come from so many people.  Why do they even deem it necessary to say that?  What have they been doing?

Who will win out in the end?
In my opinion, both the NFL and NFLPA should have a committee whose specific goal is to get this thing figured out.  They should be working overtime.  At least ten hours a day.  This does not just affect the owners and the players.  This affects the coaches. The local communities.  Local businesses will be affected.  

Also, there is a different report from different parties every week.  The NFLPA told players last week to save their last few game checks because a "lockout is imminent."  DeMaurice Smith said yesterday he is still preparing for a lockout.  Robert Kraft a few weeks ago said that he was optimistic that a deal would be reached.  

This is all a game, everyone.  Each side is trying to manipulate the public's opinion.  There is certainly some gamesmanship going on here.  If they say one thing to the public, they can anticipate the move and strategies from the other side.

Don't read into anything until a deal is reached.

ESPN - "NFL players union head DeMaurice Smith held a conference call Tuesday with agents to discuss possibly changing the certification process and how agents are disciplined for violating rules."

There needs to be a MUCH bigger sense of urgency.  I don't think they should even consider looking at how agents are certified.  Who cares.  In this culture you can take the most honorable, smartest people and the only way to compete is to cheat.  

College football players get showered in money, gifts, cars, houses for their families, pretty much anything you can imagine an 18-22 year old kid would want.  It's outrageous.  

I, along with Jimmy, believe that NCAA football players should be paid.  However, right now the rule is that they aren't allowed to.  Yet the enforcement policies are ridiculous.

Any 18 year old kid who comes from a low-income background is going to take a nice check from a booster or an agent.  It's human nature.  Sure, there are a couple that may not take it.  Regardless, it makes no sense that the agents are HARDLY punished in these situations.  

I would love to see the NFL and NCAA collaborate and come up with a strictly enforced punishment system.  Something where it is not 100% frowned up to tell a person of authority when something happens against the rules.  

Regardless of what they could and would figure out, there is currently such a disconnect between the NCAA and NFLPA, something must be done.  NOW.  Please.  Save 

On the topic, watch ESPN's 30 for 30 on SMU football.  I don't think things are much different nowadays...

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