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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Week 1 Standout QBs

Stephen Garcia, South Carolina, jr.356-794Southern_Miss_South_Carolina_Football.sff.standalone.prod_affiliate.58.jpg
  • Garcia week 1 versus Southern Miss showcased his playmaking ability as a scrambler, and also showed an improved ability to protect the ball and not force turnovers.
  • Garcia still at times panics under pressure, however displayed the ability to really follow his progressions and find the open receiver.
  • Throwing mechanics cleaned up, and accuracy is much improved from 2009.
  • In week 2, it will be interesting to see him faceoff against his first SEC opponent of 2010 in the Georgia Bulldogs. Georgia doesn't jump off the page in acccordance with talent and recruiting hype, nevertheless Mark Reicht always coaches up a disciplined and attacking defense. Watch how Garcia reacts to the increased pressure in the ballgame.
Nic Foles, Arizona, jr.


  • Aside from having a pro size build, at 6'5 245 lbs. Foles has extreme accuracy within 25 yards. What confuses me the most is that he seems to actually increase his accuracy within the red-zone; most qbs have a hard time with the closed dimensions, however Foles utilizes the back of the endzone by making very well placed passes
  • Foles has solid mechanics in that he keeps the ball up high and delivers it quickly. He opens his hips well when throwing across his body, and continually threw catchable passes to his receviers. He doesn't necessarily have outstanding arm strength, but he puts good zip on most of his passes.
  • All around solid player to watch, cannot wait to see more from this ballplayer

John Brantley, Florida, sr.jb.jpg
  • It was tough to say the least in Brantley's first start in the "Post-Tebow" era. Due to lack of chemistry and good snaps, the Florida at best was sloppily athletic. In my opinion the lack of stellar offensive play in week 1 should be attributed in part to Brantley as he is the leader of the offense, however I saw good things throughout the course of the game from Brantley
  • What immediately jumped out at me, was his decisiveness in passing. He makes his read and hits his target.
  • He has a very fluid throwing motion that will allow him to at least continue to play at the next level.
  • He needs to show me more over the course of this season in order to propel his status from being project-to-marginal qb, to a possible future NFL starter. At this point I have not seen enough film over this kid, so my opinion of Brantley will likely be modified as the season progresses as is the case with most of these qbs.
Robert Marve, Purdue, jr.Purdue_Notre_Dame_Football.sff3_20100904164715_640_480.JPG.jpg
  • Marve, in a losing effort against a strong Notre Dame team, played with a lot of effort and moxie. He is unpolished as a passer, but a playmaker with his feet nonetheless.
  • What impressed me was his accuracy on the run. Purdue was especially effective in "pushing the pocket" and allowing Marve to throw on the run; in doing so, Marve made the defense account for an extra man...himself.
  • Marve has decent pocket presence, but on more than one occasion felt the pressure from ND defenders too late, thereby holding the ball too long.
  • To that point, he holds the ball too long as previously stated, but the way he holds it makes me worried. Marve does not do a good job of keeping the ball high, slowing down his delivery altogether.
  • This season will be the first season Marve will be counted on by his team to be the bona fide leader, and this year will provide much needed experience for the promising junior.
  • I don't see him right now going into the draft, as he would benefit from coming back as a senior and cleaning up his game. Very athletic kid who will surprise many Big Ten teams in conference play.
T.J. Yates, UNC, sr.UNC_24__LSU_30___09.04.10_KlILZxZH_012.embedded.prod_affiliate.156.JPG.jpg
  • Despite playing without his top wr Greg Little, Yates threw for a career high 412 yards and 2 TDs (zero interceptions).
  • For the first three quarters the UNC squad looked undermanned, and was severely outplayed. The first three drives of the game for the Tar Heels resulted in turnovers.
  • Yates however seemed to find his rhythm as the game wore on, throwing for over 60% of his production in the 4th quarter. Yates has a tremendous feel for the pocket, rarely takes sacks, and does a good job of stepping into his throws.
  • Late in the game, 6 ticks on the clock his reliable tight end Pianalto dropped two possibly game winning touchdowns to end the game.
  • Look for increased productivity when Little returns to the squad, however it was good to see other receivers step up and make big catches.

Kellen Moore, Boise St, sr.


  • Kellen Moore showed his extreme amount of poise and leadership, monday night versus the Hokies, directing a fourth quarter 2 minute drill comeback touchdown pass to win the game.
  • In this game, Moore made all the throws he needed to, and did so with ease. He was cool and calm in the pocket, only being sacked once. This can be attributed not only to the protection up front, but also to his quick release.
  • Moore, similarly to what I saw in Foles earlier week 1, seemed to increase his accuracy as he neared the endzone. Moore threw all of his three touchdowns inside the redzone, including the 13 yard game winner to All-American Austin Pettis.
  • This high profiled game should set the tempo for the rest of the season for Boise, as they seek their first BCS Championship Game in school history.
Tyrod Taylor, Va. Tech, sr.


  • There's not anything more that Tyrod Taylor could have done for his team to win the game monday night against the Broncos. Taylor played mistake free ball (zero turnovers) made every throw on the field, and ran his heart out.
  • Taylor led his team in rushing yards with 73 yards on 16 carries. In a mobile quarterback era, it is so essential in college football to have a dual threat quarterback in order to keep defenses honest. Taylor does this and more; early in the game he showed his ability to improvise as he bootlegged to the right looking to scramble, then at the last moment dumped the pass off to RB Ryan Williams for the 12 yard score.
  • In the final drive, Taylor made two perfect passes on 2nd and 4th down which would have kept the drive alive, yet the receivers couldn't haul either catch in.
  • It will be worth watching how Va. Tech responds after the crushing loss in a shortened week. Look for Taylor to continue his impressive play.
  • Keep in mind, Taylor's size: 6'1 217 lbs. Now here is another former Hokies QB...Michael Vick: 6'0 215 lbs.... Just saying guys. Just saying, I see numerous similarities in skill sets between these two, and I hope that Taylor can string together a solid senior season.

On another note how about them Auburn Tigers! I will talk about them coming up after this week's set of games, along with the comeback win by West Virginia. Week Two of college action coming up in 11 hours! Check back on the3-4 for analysis of week 2 action next week. Enjoy your saturday!

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