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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Video/Debate of the Day

Debate Topic of the Day

5 Fastest Players in the NFL?

-Guidelines: I took in to account straight line and lateral quickness (so Ted Ginn Jr. does not make the cut).

1. RB Chris Johnson, Tennessee Titans – unbelievably fast and quick and can carry the ball 25+ times a game.

2. WR DeSean Jackson, Philadelphia Eagles – He seems to just run by people with ease.

3. WR Devin Hester, Chicago Bears – May have the best combination of speed, quickness and agility.

4. WR Calvin Johnson, Detroit Lions and WR Randy Moss, New England Patriots – Long striders that can just blow by defenders.

5. CB Champ Bailey, Denver Broncos – may have lost a step, but I think still has the best acceleration in

the NFL.

What are your top 5?

Here is a video of the NFL networks top 10 ever, Deion Sanders in my mind should get strong consideration for #1, it looked like he was not even trying and would run by people:

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