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Monday, September 27, 2010

MNF: Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears

Packers Key Players:

QB Aaron Rodgers - The Packers are looking like super bowl contenders so far and the main reason is because of the play of Aaron Rodgers. I’m looking forward to watching him in a big Monday night game.
OLB Clay Matthews – Matthews leads the NFL with 6 sacks in only 2 games. He quietly put up 10 sacks last year as a rookie. I’ll be looking to see if Matthews is real deal and can continue to put pressure on the QB in this game.
TE Jermichael Finley – He is becoming one of Aaron Rodgers favorite weapons averaging 18.8 yards per reception so far. It will be a good matchup between him and the Bears talented linebackers

Bears Key Players:

QB Jay Cutler – Off to a great start so far, will he crack under the pressure of Monday night?
DE Julius Peppers – Just a fun player to watch, he is going against a poor Packers offensive line so he could have a field day.
WR Devin Hester- He has really become a very good receiver. He is so fast that he draws a lot of double teams and he forces a lot of pass interference calls, I think he could become a Steve Smith (Panthers) type player.

The Pick: Green Bay -3, I like the Packers a lot, I think the only way they end up losing this one is if the Bears defensive line gets to QB Aaron Rodgers early and often.

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