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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Awards and Predictions

Team Predictions

AFC - Turn Around Year – Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs have a lot of young talent on their defense (Eric Berry could be the next Ed Reed) and a lot of potential on offense (especially with two great offensive minds Charlie Weis and Todd Haley coaching). The Chiefs have all the pieces for a break out year.

NFC - Turn Around Year – Detroit Lions

I think the Detroit Lions will be a very respectable team this year. Stafford showed a lot of toughness last year, and was asked to do a lot on a pretty bad team. It is nice to be able to throw to Calvin Johnson who is just filthy. The Lions added some weapons, Jahvid Best will be playmaker, and Ndamukong Suh will be considered the one of the best defensive tackles in a few years.

AFC- Over Hyped- New York Jets

Probably the most talked about team in the NFL this year is the 2010 New York Jets. They added big name, after big name this off-season. The Jets had the number one rated defense and running game last year so they can’t go up in those departments. On paper their team looks unbeatable, except for one thing, their QB Mark Sanchez. The NFL is a QB driven league. Just look at last year Super Bowl (2 of the best Peyton Manning and Drew Brees). I think that they will have 8 or 9 wins just like last year, but that may not sneak them into the playoffs.

NFC- Over Hyped- Green Bay Packers

Everyone is picking Rodgers to win the MVP and the Packers to be in the Super Bowl. I really like the Packers. I think Aaron Rodgers is going to go off this year. Their defense is underrated and I think they will win the division. The only problem is last year Rodgers did go off and their defense was very good at times. The only problem was that their offensive line was terrible. The reason they got knocked out of the playoffs was because of their offensive line letting up a big sack/fumble to end the game. They really did not do a lot to improve their offensive line. The offensive line will be the biggest x-factor on whether they can win this year. If they let Rodgers take 50 sacks and even more hits again they are going to have a tough time keeping him healthy.

AFCBiggest Question

What QB can lead their team to the Super Bowl? The NFL has become a game focused on the QB and the AFC has a lot of good ones. The question is what QB can take their team on their back and bring their team to the Super Bowl. We have seen it from Payton Manning, Tom Brady, and Ben Roethlisberger. But can some of the proven guys that have not been there like, Joe Flacco, Matt Schaub, Phillip Rivers or Carson Palmer step up and take their team to the Super Bowl? Will see.

NFC – Biggest Question

Who will come out of the NFC West? The Cardinals lost their starting QB, MLB, WR, and S (All-Pro Bowlers). The Rams are very young and have Rookie QB Sam Bradford leading their team. The 49ers probably have the most talent, but you don’t know what you are getting out of QB Alex Smith. It may take a few years for the Seahawks and new coach Pete Carroll to see success. I would predict the 49ers to come out on top, but I could see anyone of the teams winning the division they all have concerns.

Super Bowl – Ravens vs. Saints

The Ravens defense should be awfully good especially with Ed Reed back at safety, and their offense should be a lot more balanced now with Anquan Boldin as the number one WR and rising star Ray Rice at RB. I don’t see anyone stopping the Saints offense again this year, too many weapons and Drew Brees is too good. Their defense should be better with their CBs playing the full year.

Winner: Ravens just too balanced on offense and too stingy on defense.

Player Awards

MVP – QB Matt Schaub

This award will always go to a QB. If CJ2k could not win it last year then no other player position can. The easy pick would be Aaron Rodgers, but I think Schaub is going to surprise a lot of people. He threw for 29 TDs and 4,770 yards last year. If he can boost those numbers a little and win his division he would have to be a strong candidate for the MVP.

Offensive Player Of the Year – RB Adrian Peterson

With RB Chester Taylor gone, Peterson should be seeing the ball a lot more. I do not think that Favre will have nearly the year he had last year, so I think it will be Peterson’s time to carry the team like he did two years ago. I think he has the fumble problem under control and he will be playing with a chip on his shoulder now that so many people have criticized him and crowned Chris Johnson as the best back.

Defensive Player of the Year – LB Patrick Willis

At 25 years old Willis is probably the best linebacker in the NFL. He has had 467 tackles 9 sacks 6 forced fumbles 4 INT and 2 TDs in his three year career. That’s amazing I expect him to put up gaudy numbers once again and finally be recognized for it with the Defensive POY award.

Offensive Rookie of the Year – C.J. Spiller

If the Bills utilize Spiller and all of his skills, I think he will easily be Rookie of the Year. He is a home run threat every time he touches the ball and is great catching the ball out of the backfield, so he should have no problem getting 1400+ combined yards. I think it would be a huge mistake not having him return kicks. He was so good in college that it is worth the risk of him getting injured.

Defensive Rookie of the Year – Eric Berry

Generally this award goes to a linebacker (has happened the last 10 years), so Rolando McClain makes the most sense. I think Berry, however, can break that streak. He is such a playmaker in the secondary that I can see getting 4 or 5 picks and taking 2 or 3 of them back for touchdowns.

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