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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Daily Clip, Pic and Stat - 9/23/10

Well, I need a catchy name for this Daily Dose of Football.  I am absolutely open to suggestions.

Stat of the Day:
I was watching a re-run of the Saints-49ers Monday Night Football game and saw a statistic saying how many catches the Saints' running backs had.  Late in the 4th quarter they had 13 catches for around 100 yards.  That got me thinking, "I wonder what the record is for most catches in a game by a running back?"  And, sadly, I could not find the answer.

Can anyone help me out?

Most Catches in a Season by a Running Back:
101 - Larry Centers, FB, Arizona Cardinals in the 1993 season.  He amassed 962 yards through the air, while catching two touchdown passes and rushing for two more.

Pic of the Day - Larry Centers
In honor of our first Stat of the Day, Larry Centers also gets the Pic of the Day
Larry Centers making one of his 827 career receptions

Clip of the Day - Emmitt Smith and Darryl Johnston

The fullback position is by far the most under appreciated position in football.  Sure, people will argue with me saying that offensive linemen just block all game long and get no glory.  

And I'll come right back and tell you that so do fullbacks, and they do so by running full-speed into oncoming linebackers.  

Most fullbacks did not catch the ball as much as Larry Centers did, and some will go their whole career without scoring a touchdown.

A true fullback is the definition of a "bad-ass" football player.  I have posted a video of Owen Schmitt smashing his head with his helmet, and I only wish I had a video of former teammate Tom Brown at Dartmouth head-butting people's helmets to pump them up...with no helmet.

I posted a clip of Emmitt Smith's Hall of Fame Speech on August 8, 2010, particularly of him thanking Darryl Johnston for all of his sacrifices.

In the following clip, Emmitt Smith had just become the NFL's all-time leading rusher and went to the sideline and hugged his family.  Then, he found his fullback, Darryl Johnston...

This clip brought tears to my eyes.  Literally.  This is what being on a football team means.  You aren't afraid to make sacrifices for each other.  Football is a game that must be played with passion.  I miss playing the game.  


  1. Clark Gaines, NY Jets- 17 catches on September 21, 1980

  2. Thanks, Jimmy! Where'd you find that?

  3. http://www.philadelphiaeagles.com/news/Story.asp?story_id=14368