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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Keith's NFL Picks

Giants -3 at Titans

The Pick: Titans +3, I can see CJ2k going off against a week Giant line backing core.

Bills at Patriots -14

The Pick: Patriots -14, honestly if the Pats don’t win this game by 14 I think a lot of people would be disappointed.

Browns at Ravens -12

The Pick: Ravens -12, I think the talented Ravens defense could score a couple of touchdowns in this game.

Steelers -2.5 at Buccaneers

The Pick: Steelers -2.5, I like the Bucs but they have not faced a defense like the Steelers.

Bengals -3 at Panthers

The Pick: Panthers +3, This is a game that the Panthers must win, and I think they will find a way to do so.

Saints -3 at Falcons

The Pick: Falcons +3, The Saints are 2-0 but have not looked real sharp, I think the Falcons can pull out a tough game at home.

49ers -3 at Chiefs

The Pick: Chiefs +3, I like the way the Chiefs are playing. If they stop Frank Gore, and I think they can, they will win this game.

Lions at Vikings -12

The Pick: Lions +12, I thought this might be an upset game, so a 12 point spread seems too much.

Cowboys at Texans -2.5

The Pick: Texans -2.5, this is an easy pick. Texans have a very balanced attack on offense and should give the Cowboys defense fits.

Redskins -5 at Rams

The Pick: Redskins -5, could be a big upset game, but QB Donovan McNabb has looked too good to pick against.

Eagles -3 at Jaguars

The Pick: Eagles -3, QB Michael Vick is a gamer, I think they pull this one out.

Colts -5.5 at Broncos

The Pick: Colts -5.5, in my mind the Colts are still the top team in the AFC.

Chargers -4 at Seahawks

The Pick: Chargers -4, I don’t think that the Seahawks are that talented of a team, the Chargers should be able to take this one.

Raiders at Cardinals -5

The Pick: Cardinals -5, tough pick, I’m going with the Cardinals simply because they are at home.

Jets at Dolphins -2.5

The Pick: Dolphins -2.5, I can’t wait to watch this game. It comes down to QB Mark Sanchez , and I don't see him having another great game.

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