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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Alex Brown's 2011 Big Board: Week 3

Here are my top recruits for the 2011 NFL Draft:

(*) Denotes draft eligible under-classman

1. *Andrew Luck: Stanford, QB, 6'4 235 lbs
Although I have stated, and continue to believe that Mallet has the most potential in the upcoming draft, mainly due to his superior throwing ability, Andrew Luck has shown the most NFL ready talent out of all players in the upcoming draft. Luck is the prototype quarterback any team would love to have on their team. His decision making is stellar, and his presence in the pocket is unlike any other quarterback I have seen in college football. Luck accurately throws each and every pass on the field; very fluid throwing motion and the ball is out in a flash. One thing to also note is his ability to run the ball, which only adds to his value as a complete quarterback. There are no real "holes" in his game, as Luck is the total package.

NFL Comparison: Peyton Manning

2. Patrick Peterson: LSU, CB, 6'1 220 lbs
In what will prove to be an extremely deep cornerback class, Peterson provides the most talent at the position. Peterson not only is a physical man-to-man cover with fluid hips and backpedal, but Peterson is a playmaker on special teams. Peterson is the only player I believe in this draft, who will impact a NFL team's return game more. His running vision, combined with his exceptional speed and agility make him a threat to take it to the house every return.

NFL Comparison: Charles Woodson

3. Robert Quinn: North Carolina, DE, 6'4 267 lbs
No doubt the most athletic kid in the coming draft, Quinn is a freakish athlete who is an explosive DE. Quinn is a bit undersized, however I feel he will be exceptional in any NFL 4-3 scheme as he has the speed off the end, and has increased his strength over the past few seasons. Quinn still has not played a down in 2009 due to a suspension for illegal agent dealings, however Quinn has arguably the most talent in the years draft.

NFL Comparison: Demarcus Ware

4. Ryan Mallet: Arkansas, QB, 6'6 260 lbs
A close 2nd to Luck, Ryan Mallet in my mind will be the first of his size (6'6) to succeed at the NFL level. Mallet has the best throwing ability of any QB in the year's coming draft, and has been productive in NCAA's toughest defensive conference (SEC). Mallet obviously can throw the deep ball, and all throws within the pocket with accuracy, however over the past two seasons Mallet has shown an extreme amount of accuracy on the run. His improved footwork and pocket presence have elevated him inside of my top 5 for this year's draft; all that to say that these are also the reasons which he should not be drafted as the number one overall pick.

NFL Comparison: Ben Roethlisberger

5. *A.J. Green: Georgia, WR, 6'4 210 lbs
The most talented WR in the 2011 draft, Green is the only true deep threat who has the size to produce in the NFL. His ball skills are second to none, and he has produced in the toughest conference in the nation (SEC) without a relatively solid QB throwing him the rock. He makes any quarterback better, as he can go up and get essentially any pass thrown his way. He adds production to any struggling passing team, and will go in the top 10 no doubt. Missing the first 4 games has hurt his team more than his draft stock, but Green needs to dissolve any talks about character issues by showing his on-field ability.

NFL Comparison: Randy Moss

6. Prince Amukamara: Nebraska, CB, 6'1 205 lbs
Amukamara in many scouting circles, including Mel Kiper Jr and Scouting Inc, is considered to be the 2011 draft's top cornerback prospect. He has possibly the best man coverage skills of any other corner, and has the speed to keep up with any vertical threat. Amukamara is fundamentally sound, and looks to become an elite corner at the next level.

NFL Comparison: Nnamdi Asomugha

7. Da'Quan Bowers, Clemson, DE, 6'4 280lbs
Bowers is a disruptive force at DE, and looks to me like the best 3-4 DE in the draft; a perfect trio of size, speed, and strength. Bowers facing double teams all night at Auburn last Saturday night, Bowers dominated the line of scrimmage and disrupted the opposing Tiger's offensive rhythm. Bowers has the ability to produce at the next level, and has dominated at every level of football he has played at, as he was Clemson's most hyped prospect ever, coming out of high school.

NFL Comparison: Justin Tuck

8. Jake Locker: Washington, QB, 6'3 230 lbs
One game can do a world of hurt for a potential number one overall draft pick... After a miserable loss to Nebraska, in which Locker completed only four of his twenty attempted passes, Jake has slid down just about each and every scouts draft board. His indecision, lack of accuracy, and disappearance of his improved footwork when pressured had many scouts biting their tongues. As much as I know Locker is mainly at fault for this poor performance, in at least 9 of his incompletions/interceptions, Locker had zero receivers open. Locker is a prototypical quarterback; great arm, quick feet, and exceptional speed at quarterback. If he can finish the rest of the season strong, I feel he could stay within the top 10 of the 2011 draft. I want to see how he responds to this adversity. Locker has NFL ready physical tools and arm strength, however his decision-making, accuracy, and fundamentals under pressure must improve for him to break my top 5.

NFL Comparison: Jay Cutler

9. Janoris Jenkins: Florida, CB, 5'11 184
The Florida Gators are 2-0 and this year it is not because of its prolific offense; rather big plays and solid defense have been a staple of this 2010 team. Jenkins has climbed up many draft boards this year with huge plays in the first few weeks, and his great closing speed draws comparisons to his former teammate Joe Haden. Jenkins is very solid in one-on-one coverage, and also can play a sturdy cover 3 zone. What differentiates Jenkins skills from the other corners in this draft, is his ability to explode through tackles and make big stops aiding the ground defense. This kid is an impact player who knows how to win. 

NFL Comparison: Joe Haden

10. *Marcel Dareus: Alabama, DT, 6'4 305lbs
Rounding out my top 10 is Dareus who, like Quinn and Green afore mentioned, has been affected by suspension due to illegal agent dealings. Dareus could very well rise into the top 5 overall as the season progresses, as his athleticism from a defensive tackle position is second to none. The environment of a winning program, and Nick Saban's defensive mindset couple to make Dareus a solid acquisition for any losing franchise looking to revamp their defense. Although he missed the first two games this season, I feel this kid is by and large, the nation's most premier interior pass rusher. Depending on a team's needs, I can see Dareus being drafted inside the top 5.

NFL Comparison: Warren Sapp
Rounding out the Top 32

11. Mark Ingram, Alabama, RB
12. Quan Sturdivant, North Carolina, OLB
13. Marvin Austin, North Carolina, DT
14. Adrian Claybourn, Iowa, DE
15. Cameron Heyward, Ohio State, DE
16. Julio Jones, Alabama, WR
17. Bruce Carter, North Carolina, OLB
18. Derrek Sherrod, Mississippi State, OT
19. Ras-I Dowling, Virginia, CB
20. Allen Bailey, Miami, DE
21. Michael Floyd, Notre Dame, WR
22. Marcus Cannon, TCU, OG
23. DeAndre McDaniel, Clemson, S
24. Von Miller, Texas A&M, OLB
25. Kyle Rudolph, Notre Dame, TE
26. Brandon Harris, Miami, CB
27. Ryan Williams, Virginia Tech, RB
28. Mike Pouncey, Florida, OG
29. Joseph Barksdale, LSU, OT
30. JacQuizz Rodgers, Oregon State, RB
31. Ryan Kerrigan, Purdue, DE
32. Jon Baldwin, Pittsburgh, WR

Throughout each and every week players will jump into/ out of my big board, as well as an expanded look later; top 25 coming up in the next 5 weeks. My top 50 should be up and running by season's end. Comment on guys you feel got snubbed, overrated, or if you agree with me. Thanks for the read.


  1. Looks good man! The NFL examples thing is cool especially for people that don't follow as close as you do

  2. Looks good. The junior receiver class that might come out could be the best ever. All tall receivers with great ball skills. A guy like Michael Floyd or Jon Baldwin, two very talented guys, may fall into the late first or second round because of the lack of need. Could be a steal for someone.

  3. I agree; and the freshman and sophomore class gets me excited about the drafts to come! Marcus Lattimore, Denard Robinson, those guys are absolute playmakers. Reason I like Floyd better than Baldwin is his effort when blocking. I have never seen a wr in college who dominated cornerbacks on stop blocks like Floyd does. Kyle Rudolph hurts his production as does Floyd to Rudolph, but scouts know both are equally talented in their respective positions