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Sunday, September 26, 2010

V/P/S of the Day

Fun video to watch, how many of these hits would be illegal now?

Debate topic of the day:

Who are the top 5 hardest hitters in the NFL now? my list:

1. LB Ray Lewis, Baltimore Ravens
2. S Laron Landry, Washington Redskins
3. S Brian Dawkins, Denver Broncos
4. LB Patrick Willis, San Fransisco 49ers
5. S Adrian Wilson, Arizona Cardinals

Honorable Mention: RB Adrian Peterson -not a lot of linebackers want to get hit by him.

Pic of the Day:

My number one pick Ray Lewis laying the wood on RB Michael Pittman



  1. Definitely gotta go with Ray Lewis also. That guy is a freak of an athlete and plays harder than 99% of all football players

  2. If only John Lynch was still playing for the Broncos. I know they played the same position, but that could have been a secondary that dished out concussions.