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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tim Tebow Signs with Broncos

Tim Tebow just signed a five year, $11.25 million contract with the Denver Broncos. The contract is worth a maximum of $33 million.

Prediction: Tebow gets on the field this year whether it be in wildcat formations, Florida-esque formations or goaline situations, but he will not be a starter this year or the next.

I like Tim Tebow I just do not think he will end up being the player the Broncos want him to be.

My Pre-draft analysis sums it up:

#6 rated QB- Tim Tebow, Florida
Biggest Strength: All the intangibles, a winner.
Biggest Question: Does his game translate in to the NFL?
Where he will go: 1st-2nd round. Tim Tebow is probably the most talked about player in this draft… and he is not even a solid first round pick. Because he is so talked about and hyped some team is going to take the risk on him. It happens every year that some player has a big name or does really well at the combine and goes a lot earlier then they should.
Where he should go/ prediction: 4th round. If he had the exact same skill set and played for a small division one team, he would not even be considered in the first round. I would much rather have a player like QB Pat White from last year, a player with a lot more talent and upside. I like the way Tebow plays; I just think he is over valued. I would draft him as an H-back and not as a QB.
NFL Comparison: Byron Leftwich


  1. 2010 Stats: 35 carries, 115 yards
    2 Touchdowns
    7-15 passing, 50 yards

  2. May get a few more touches, depends how McDaniels decides to use him...but likely will be short yardage/RedZone packages. If he is succesful early look to see his role increase as the year goes on.

  3. "NFL Comparison: Byron Leftwich"