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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jimmy Clausen Signs

Jimmy Clausen signed a deal for four years and a max of $6.3 million.

It must have been really tough for Jimmy Clausen to go from being a possible first overall pick and surefire top 10 to being drafted 48th overall.

I think, however, that this is a blessing in disguise. Yes, he ends up losing millions of dollars, but there are many positives that come from being drafted in the second round.

The biggest thing is the pressure to perform is significantly less. Imagine being an Alex Smith, JaMarcus Russell, or David Carr, all first overall picks that have been labeled "busts" for the rest of their careers. When you are a first round pick you are expected to come in be the savior, the next Peyton Manning. Clausen will join a huge class of second rounder quarterbacks that have never had a lot of expectations.

Brian Brohm, Chad Henne, Kevin Kolb, John Beck and Drew Stanton were the last 5 quarterbacks taken in the second round. The latter 3 were all drafted higher then Clausen. You could say that Henne and Kolb have had some success, but the other three that have not panned out yet. Fans are not that disappointed that these guys have not been really successful because not a lot was expected of them.

Clausen was also lucky enough to go to the Panthers, and have a chance to start right away and not sit behind some aging veteran (ask Aaron Rodgers how he liked that.)

Prediction: Clausen will start first game of the season. I would be shocked if he is not.

Clausen Pre-draft Scouting report:

#1 rated QB - Jimmy Clausen, Notre Dame
Biggest Strength: Great production in a pro style offense.
Biggest Question: Cockiness/character concerns.
Where he will go: Top 10. Clausen has the chance of slipping into the late first round like QB’s Aaron Rodgers and Brady Quinn before him. But with so many teams with the need for a quarterback this year it would be surprising to see that happen.
Where he should go/ prediction: 1st overall. He is a top notch quarterback that, and unlike most of the quarterbacks this year, he has experience under center. I don’t know about his character, but based simply on what I have seen from him I think he is going to be a great QB and it would be a huge mistake for a team that needs a quarterback to pass on him.
NFL Comparison: Aaron Rodgers

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