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Sunday, July 25, 2010

New York Jets 2010 Analysis and Preview

Last Years Record 9-7
Wins: Texans, Patriots, Titans, Raiders, Panthers, Bills, Bucs, Colts, Bengals
Losses: Saints, Dolphins (2x), Bills, Jaguars, Patriots, Falcolns
Biggest Playmaker Darrelle Revis
CB, Pittsburg, Drafted #14, 4th year
Revis established himself as one of the top 3 corner backs in the NFL last year. He helped shut down countless big time players. With the addition of Antonio Cromartie, the Jets defense may be unstoppable this year.
Impact Player Nick Mangold
C, Ohio State, Drafted #29, 5th year
In a 5 year span, Mangold has become the best center in football. He paved the way for the best rushing attack last year, and he is the signal caller for the best offensive line in the NFL.
Biggest Free Agent Addition Antonio Cromartie
CB, Florida St., Drafted #19, 5th year
They actually acquired Cromartie via trade, but this had to be their biggest off-season transaction. The addition of Antonio Cromartie to the Jets secondary is just scary. In his first year as a starter in San Diego, Cromartie was a playmaker who racked up 10 interceptions and 19 pass deflections. Since then his production has fallen off, but if the 6’2”, 26 year old corner could return to his form all NFL QB’s should be pretty nervous. Revis and Cromartie could be the best cornerback tandem in the NFL this year.
Biggest Offseason Loss Thomas Jones
RB, Virginia, Drafted #7, 11th year
The biggest loss for the Jets is Thomas Jones. They lost a guy who had 1300+ yards and 13+ touchdowns the last two seasons. They are replacing him with LaDainian Tomlinson who has been on the decline since his great year in 2006. It simply does not make sense from any standpoint. Losing a dependable back like Jones, and bringing in a wild card like LT and for some reason paying him more money is not a very smart move.
Biggest Draft Steal Joe McKnight
RB, USC, Drafted #112, Rookie
McKnight was supposed to be the next Reggie Bush at USC but never ended up having the same production. He has great speed, quickness and hands and at worst will be a good 3rd down back that can help replace Leon Washington. Had Joe stayed in college one more year and not entered the draft after his junior season he would have had a good chance of being drafted in the first two rounds, so this is definitely a steal for the Jets.
Biggest Draft Reach None
Offseason Grade A-
Losing Thomas Jones could be a big loss, but they had a great offseason. Trading for Antonio Cromartie and Santonio Holmes for low draft picks were great moves because they are low risk, high reward guys. They also had a very solid draft adding depth in the secondary, offensive line and running game. Adding a veteran like Jason Taylor can’t hurt either. If you are a Jets fan you have to be happy with how the offseason played out.
X-Factor Mark Sanchez
QB, USC, Drafted #5, 2nd year
The Jets boasted the best defense and rushing attack in the NFL last year, the one piece they were missing, however, was a great passing attack. If Sanchez can put it all together the Jets could be the total package and a tough team to beat.
Name You Should Know Jimmy Leonhard
SS, Wisconsin, Undrafted, 6th year
A former walk-on in college and was undrafted rookie, Leonhard got his first chance as a full time starter last year. He ended up playing all 16 games and racking up 76 tackles. At 5’8” Leonard is not afraid to deliver a blow and help out blitzing the QB. He is a fun player to watch and should only get better.
Rising Star David Harris
ILB, Michigan, Drafted #47, 4th year
In only his 3rd season as a pro Harris led the team in tackles with 127 tackles, and racked up 5.5 sacks, 2 interceptions and 2 forced fumbles, some impressive numbers for an inside linebacker. Look for him to continue his success this year.
Offensive Outlook B+
The only thing that held the Jets back last year was their inability to pass the ball effectively every game. Sanchez has shown flashes of brilliance and if he could play consistently well the offense will be hard to stop. Look for RB Shonn Greene to have a possible break out season.
Defensive Outlook A
Somehow the Jets have been able to improve on last year’s number one rated defense. With the addition of some new key players and Rex Ryan blitzing scheme it would be surprising to see their defense not ranked in the top 5.
Special Teams Outlook C-
Losing Leon Washington, one of the best return men in the game will be a big blow for their special teams. K Nick Folk and P Steve Wheatherford are both guys that you are not going to write home about.
Projected 2010 Record 11-5
The Jets have a chance of being a very good team this year. Unfortunately they have a very tough schedule ahead of them. Playing in the AFC east is never easy but they also have the Ravens, Vikings, Green Bay and Steelers as out of conference opponents. The biggest thing for them really is Mark Sanchez, if he has a great year they could easily win 14+ games.

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