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Friday, July 30, 2010

Sam Bradford - Richest Player in the History of the NFL (Guaranteed $)

Sam Bradford just signed a deal for six years, $78 million, a max of $86 million and $50 million guaranteed.

How can the Rams, let alone any team, afford to guarantee someone $50 MILLION!!!!????  If any player were to suffer a career ending injury, the team would take a serious cap hit for the next six years.  There seriously needs to be a rookie cap on contracts, and I hope it happens in the next collective bargaining agreement.

Anyways, to Bradford's 2010 season.  Coming off shoulder surgery that ended Bradford's 2009 season and led many to doubt his career, Sam was picked #1 overall by the Rams.  I don't think Bradford is a #1 worthy quarterback, let alone a $50 million guaranteed quarterback.  Adjusting from a spread offense to under center is not as easy as you would think (I did it from high school to college), and with a #1 pick you must be ABSOLUTELY sure with what you're getting.  That's not to say I don't think Sam can transition.

Bradford looks incredibly calm in the pocket and has no fear of taking hits.  The only thing is, he didn't take many with an incredible offensive line at Oklahoma.  Sam very well could be the answer for the Rams franchise, but he is going to need major help around him.  Sure, the Rams upgraded their offensive line by drafting Roger Saffold and moving Jason Smith to LT.  But their offensive line has been very poor recently.  And Bradford is one who is prone to injury (remember him hoisting the Heisman trophy with a cast on his hand?).  It will be interesting to see how Sam's health holds up.

Honestly, I think the Rams went with the "safe" pick.  Everyone said they should pick Bradford, that they needed a QB, because every struggling franchise needs a #1 overall QB, right?  Sorry.  Marc Bulger was a pro bowler.  Sure, he might be getting old and on the decline, but don't you think he could be successful with a little help around him?  Could they have traded down and gotten two quality starters to fill bigger needs?

Prediction:  Bradford will be thrown into the mix by week 4 after short term fix AJ Feely does not prove to be a fix at all.  Can't wait to see the Rams - Raiders showdown in week 2!!
If Sam were to start all 16 games:
15 Touchdowns
18 Interceptions
2,900 Yards
One Serious Beating


  1. 15 touchdowns? idk who he is going to throw to. I'm a fantasy guy and I know the rams are just Steven Jackson. Waste of money...he's no Kurt Warner w M Faulk, Holt and Bruce. Get it. How. Ya Live.

    - Blaine OD

  2. If he were to start all 16 games, 15 touchdowns is a fairly low number...If he did start all 16 games and managed to get in some sort of rhythm with his young receiving core (all under 26) this is a reachable number. Having a running back like Steven Jackson will definitely help Bradford, both by keeping pressure off the passing game, and by catching passes as he had 51 in 2009. Mardy Gilyard from Cincinnati is a major sleeper and an explosive player at WR

  3. 'Preciate the comment and checkin out the site Blaine, how ya been?

  4. And I don't think Bradford should play much this year...he is going to get rocked that could hurt him mentally for the rest of his career