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Friday, July 30, 2010

Eric Berry - Richest Safety in NFL History

Chiefs S Eric Berry becomes highest paid safety in NFL History today after signing a 6 year, $60 million contract with $34 million in guarantees.

Rookie Cap!!!!  There must, and I think there will be, a cap on rookie contracts when the next collective bargaining agreement is agreed upon.  The fact that Eric Berry is now guaranteed to make $34 million dollars over the next six years of his life no matter what he does is crazy, especially because HE HASN'T PLAYED A DOWN IN THE NFL!  Not even in a preseason game!  Sure, he had a great career at Tennessee and looks to translate well in the NFL, but come on!

Sorry for the rookie contract rambling tonight...

Eric Berry will be a starter from day 1.  The Chiefs made a great pick selecting Berry who will be an impact player right from the get-go.  He is a very aggressive player who moved up and played more in the box his junior season.  During his first two seasons he amassed 12 interceptions playing free safety, returning 3 for touchdowns.

Prediction:  Chiefs needed to seriously upgrade their defense (29th in scoring defense, 30th in yards allowed in 2009) and did so by adding the best available defensive player.
90 Tackles
3 Interceptions
1.5 Sacks
1 Fumble Forced

And Rodney Harrison said Eric Berry will pass his 30.5 career sacks

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