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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dez Bryant's Immediate Impact

Dez Bryant is back on a football field.  After being suspended for all but three games during the 2009 NCAA season for lying to investigators, Dez Bryant has joined the Dallas Cowboys for 2010 training camp after already getting a deal done.  Dez Bryant is an incredibly exciting receiver who fell to the Cowboys at pick # 24 due to character issues (tough childhood, NCAA suspension), but was an absolute steal for the Cowboys.  He will make an immediate impact.  Getting to the field 45 minutes early on day one of training camp bodes well for the Cowboys and Bryant's "character issues."  The Cowboys have been searching for a bigtime receiver like they had in Michael Irvin, and I think they found that in the new #88.  You will be seeing a lot of Dez in the ESPN Top 10 in the fall, as he has unbelievable ability to adjust to the ball and make acrobatic catches.  He will be huge in the redzone, particularly with fade balls because of his ability to jump and snatch the ball at it's highest point.

Prediction:  55 Catches
750 Yards
4 Touchdowns


  1. Dez Bryant refused to carry veteran Roy Williams' pads after practice, a very common NFL "hazing" ritual. Hopefully for the Cowboys this is not the beginning of attitude problems from Dez!

  2. Dez Bryant's high ankle sprain will seriously limit his production this year...Out 4-6 weeks, most likely six. 55 catches, 750 yards, 4 touchdowns if he gets healthy early