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Friday, July 23, 2010

Colt McCoy Starting?

The good news for Colt McCoy's is that he has a very good chance of starting for his team in his rookie season. The bad news is that team is the Browns. Last year the Browns had to be one of the worst team's talent wise in the NFL. Not a great place to be if you are a rookie QB.

Originally, new Browns president Mike Holmgren came out and said that McCoy would not be staring his first season. I think that once the Brown's start losing, the pressure from the fans and ownership to see McCoy on the field will be too strong and he will end up playing.

He will have to beat out Jake Delhomme (who had a 8 TD's and 18 INT's last year) and Seneca Wallace (a career back-up). There are only two reasons that McCoy may not see the field: 1) Delhomme or Wallace play pretty well. 2) McCoy isn't ready to run a pro-style offense from under center.

My guess would be that McCoy sees the field before week 7.

Here is my pre-draft scouting report on McCoy:
3rd best QB - Colt McCoy, Texas
Biggest Strength: Amazing accuracy.
Biggest Question: Size and ability to transition to pro style offense.
Where he will go: 2nd-3rd round. There are many concerns that will probably prevent McCoy from ending up in the first round. McCoy has a lot of the things you look for in a quarterback, leadership, intangibles, accuracy, mobility, and toughness. But those are not the flashy attributes like big arm strength, height, and big upside. All attributes that quarterback’s like JaMarcus Russell, JP Losman, and Kyle Boller had, and why they were drafted first round and McCoy will not be.
Where he should go/ prediction: Top 20. I think he has many of the things you look for in a great quarterback. Even though he does not have great arm strength or size, he throws the ball very well outside the hash marks. It may take him a year or two to get used to being under center but overall I think he will do very well.
NFL Comparison: Tony Romo

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