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Monday, July 26, 2010

Terrell Owens to the Rams?

Bengals?  Right now, it looks like it will be one of the two.  The Rams certainly have a pressing need at WR, and no one would be happier about a TO signing than Rookie QB Sam Bradford.  The Rams currently have Donnie Avery (47 catches in '09) and Keenan Burton (25 catches) as their top two receivers, and the addition of a veteran like Terrell Owens would bolster their passing attack and help Bradford develop, but does TO want to join an offense that ranked 32nd in scoring with just over 10 points a game last year?  Do the Bengals really need another problem child wide receiver?  I can't imagine TO and Ochocinco getting along and splitting touches... It would just hurt their egos too much.

Prediction:  Terrell Owens signs with the Rams by tomorrow afternoon.  This is where he can be a feature WR and get more catches for himself.

Update: The Rams have decided against pursuing Terrell Owens.  Looks like he may end up with the Bengals, who seemingly have offered him a deal.  Even though he would potentially be a #2 receiver, this may be where TO ends up, as he has not drawn much interest this offseason after hauling in only 55 passes last year.

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