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Monday, January 31, 2011

The3-4.com is covering Texas vs. Nation!

Texas versus The Nation, NFLPA Game

This week from early Tuesday morning at weigh-ins, till the end of Wednesday's practices for both squads, The3-4's Alex Brown will be down in San Antonio covering the 3rd All-Star week of the NFL Draft season. Follow Alex on Twitter @abxxv25 and The3-4 @The3_4 for continued updates for the next couple of days.

After each day of practice, The3-4 will post a report on the scouted positions for the day; here is a list of the agenda:

1. Weigh-ins Tuesday morning: Will work hard to post these before practice (2/1 before noon)
2. Day 1 Practice Impressions for both squads (TX and Nation), covering OL, DL, and LB (2-1 before midnight)
3. Day 2 Practice Impressions for both squads (TX and Nation), covering QB, RB, WR/TE, and CB (2-2 before midnight)
4. Risers/Fallers from the Texas versus The Nation week (Before the game on Saturday)
5. Game Predictions (Before the game on Saturday)
6. Individual Scouting Reports on player practices (timeline TBD)

Texas vs. Nation Game, also known as the NFLPA Game

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