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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Playoffs Preview: Indianapolis Colts

Can Peyton win with an entirely new cast of receivers?
Offensive MVP: QB Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning, in a season filled with injuries for the Colts (league leading 17 players on the IR), performed like the great quarterback we have all come to know and love. Manning set an NFL record for completions in a season with 450, and has played with WRs and TEs 3 deep on the depth chart (Blair white, Jacob Tamme, Austin Collie have stepped up in a big way). Manning without a running game, once again led the Colts to a Division winner slot in the playoffs. 

Defensive MVP: DEs Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis

Freeney (10 sacks, 5 forced fumbles) and Mathis (11 sacks, 1 forced fumble) were once again dominant pass rush forces in 2010. Combined, Freeney and Mathis have registered an amazing total of 167 sacks during their careers, which to me makes them the best DE duo in league history. Enough said...

Austin Collie comes up big in win over JAX with 2 TDs
Best Win: Week 15 - Against Jacksonville 

With all the chips on the line, having lost earlier in the season to the Jags, the Colts had to win this game in order to knock out Jacksonville and get into the playoffs. Manning hooked up with Austin Collie for 2 passing touchdowns and threw zero interceptions. This win pretty much pushed the Colts over the edge and into the playoffs. 

Rookie Grade: B

Pat Angerer at inside linebacker has started all season long, and produced at a very high level for the Colts, finishing 2nd in overall team tackles. Blair White at wide receiver stepped in with injuries to Anthony Gonzales and Austin Collie.

How Can They Make It To The Super Bowl: Will Manning trust his young receiving corps?

Everyone understands why the Colts make the playoffs seemingly every year...Peyton Manning. Nevertheless, in the Colts biggest losses (NWE, SD, and DAL) Manning was the reason for defeat, throwing 3 interceptions or more in each of the three losses (4 picks in the 2 of 3 games). In those games, Manning showed major flaws unseen by NFL fans and scouts. He pressed, he forced passes, and he did NOT trust his receivers. Now with more playing time with younger players, Manning should have improved chemistry, and he will have to be able to count on these players to gain separation, get open, and catch the football. If the next generation of Colts receivers can play at a high level, the Colts will have an opportunity to return to the Super Bowl.


  1. Jacob Tamme is def not a rookie. I think we drafted him in like 07'

  2. Tamme was a 4th round draft pick 2008 out of Kentucky
    SEC all american scholar athlete of the year 2007

  3. Totally crossed my mind fellas, well he has been MIA since that draft and really played extensively for the first time in his career. A vital component of the offense now that Dallas Clark is out. Needs to play big versus the Jets. Sorry about that guys.