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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Baltimore Ravens Perspective

Baltimore Ravens

Players To Watch:

WR Anquan Boldin -
Boldin is really the key to the Ravens passing offense. He is such a talent because he can stretch the defense by going deep or be just as effective going over the middle and making catches in traffic. QB Joe Flacco should target his best receiver early and get him involved, when Boldin is playing well the Ravens are a very tough team to stop.

LB Ray Lewis - The leader of the Raven's seems to always come up with big plays. In the first round playoff game against the Chiefs, Lewis had a some what quiet first half but came out big as usual in the second half and had a forced fumble and sack. I believe that motivational speeches and such are overrated, unless they are coming from a guy like Lewis, he gets everyone on the defense ready to go.

S Ed Reed- When the Ravens and Steelers match up everyone knows its going to be a close low scoring game. A guy like Reed can change the whole out come of a close game on one play. He had 8 interceptions this year in only 10 games. The difference between him and a lot of other guys is when he gets picks the ball off he is looking to score (and usually lateral the ball). A pick 6 in a game like this could end up winning/costing your team the game so if Ben Roethlisberger is smart he will try and keep the ball away from number 20.

Key Matchup – RB Ray Rice vs Steelers linebackers – This should be a really good match-up its is strength vs strength for both teams. In his two games against the Steelers this year Rice has been shutdown early. Rice is really what makes the Ravens offense go so they need to find a way to get him involved. I think Rice is most dangerous catching the ball so even if the he can't run against the stout Steelers defense look for him to have some big time catches and YAC.

Why the Ravens Will Win – Honestly with these two teams the only thing that is guaranteed is that there are going to be a lot of big hits (probably some flags and fines stemming from those hits), quarterback ratings will be ugly, and it will usually come down to a field goal. I think the Ravens will win this game because they are actually the better team on defense. Ray Lewis has compared this team to the 2000-01 team that won the super bowl, which is pretty lofty praise because the 00-01 defense was unbelievable. I think the Ravens can win the defensive match-up today and win the game.

Ravens 17 Steelers 10

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