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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Packers: The Team to Root For

With only four teams left in the playoff picture there is a pretty good chance that your team is not in the running. The question for most NFL fans become 'who should I root for?' I think the obvious answer to this question and the team that most people are pulling for is the Green Bay Packers.

Why the Packers?

1. Aaron Rodgers - You have to like the way Rodgers goes about his business. Rodgers was snubbed in the draft and was passed up by his home town team the 49ers (who picked QB Alex Smith who is considered a bust at this point). He had to wait as 23 more teams passed on him only to be drafted by the Packers and sit behind QB Brett Favre. Instead of complaining, Rodgers sat quietly and waited his turn even though he was probably the better quarterback. When he finally got a chance to start in 2008 he played really well (28 TDs -13 INT) in essentially his rookie year. Since then he has quietly become one of the best quarterbacks in the league. You don't see Rodgers in lots of commercials or constantly in the media like the quarterbacks that lead some of the other playoff teams. Rodgers just goes to work and does his job and leaves the media focus for others, you have to respect a guy like that.

2. They are the best option left - It is really tough to root for the rest of the teams in the playoffs. You have the Jets who love talking almost as much as winning. I loved Hard Knocks and thought Rex Ryan and the players were a really fun team to watch. But now the trash talk and cocky attitude are just getting tiresome, its like hearing a song you like on the radio over and over until you begin to hate it. The Bears are likable except for their whinny quarterback Jay Cutler who is the epitome of a spoiled superstar. Then there is the Steelers, I don't think any fan wants to see them win again, because winning would mean they have become a dynasty. Unless its your team, no one likes seeing a dynasty.

3. Packer Fans - Its hard to imagine what its like being a Packer fan. Brett Favre coming out of retirement only to sign with the Packers rival the Minnesota Vikings was probably the worst day in Packers fans history. They found out a guy they idolized and believed in did not care as much about them. You have to be pulling for the Packers and there fans. If they can win the super bowl, and I think they have the best chance, then Favre and his antics will be long forgotten.

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