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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Derek Sherrod Scouting Report

Derek Sherrod, LT, Mississippi State, 6'5 305 lbs

Size /Strength: 9 – Good size for an NFL left tackle prospect (6'6 306 lbs), a Russell Okung type of athlete who is not overwhelmingly huge. Sherrod has a strong upper half and sturdy legs. Might be a bit top heavy, but his arm length is NFL caliber, as it shows in his ability to hold strong pass rushers at bay.

Footwork: 10 -  Outstanding feet for a big fella, Sherrod gets to the 2nd level better than any other offensive tackle in college football. Sherrod has a great pass pro slide and always keeps his feet under himself. Understands how to take the right steps in order to get into position to win one on one blocks.

Hips/Pad level: 8 – Great hips to drive through his man and also able to maintain a strong anchor on the edge. Sherrod sometimes has bad pad level as games wear on, however should not be a big issue to scouts come April. Pad level in pass pro is elite, always under control and able to recover from heavy pass rush.

Pass/Run Block ability: 10  – Sherrod's best attribute in run blocking is his ability to get to the linebacking levels; his great footwork and fluid hips allow him to do this. He is all around the top offensive line prospect in the 2011 draft, because he is able to block elite pass rushers off the edge and effectively run block defenders lined up on both the d-line and at linebacker. 

Work Ethic: 9 – A graduating senior and captain, Derek Sherrod has a solid work ethic and is a true leader on and off the field. 

Best fit: A team in need of a franchise left tackle that can come in and instantly start. To me the most complete offensive line product in the 2011 draft, Sherrod will be a hot commodity come draft day.

X-Factor: Does he have the physical potential of Gabe Carimi (Wisconsin), Nate Solder (Colorado), or Tyron Smith (USC)? How does he stack up strength wise with the rest of this offensive line class?

Where he will be picked: Top 25

Where he should be picked: Top 15

NFL Comparison: Russell Okung, Seattle Seahawks

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