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Sunday, February 6, 2011

the3-4.com Super Bowl Predictions

Winner -

Alex: Steelers. They are strong in every aspect the game. They have the ability to run the ball, throw the ball and stop the run and the pass.

AB: "As much as I would like the Packers to win, and have placed them as the Super Bowl victor in my latest mock draft, I have to go with the Steelers. I will root and cheer for the Packers all the way, but my gut feeling is that the Steelers will somehow find a way to win. "

Jimmy: "Packers. Their defense is almost on the same level of the Steelers, and their offense is superior."

Keith: "I am going with the Packers, I think they are going to pass the ball 50+ times and ultimately burn the Steelers secondary for a couple of big plays. I think we may come out of this
game thinking the Packers defense was actually better."


Alex: "Rashard Mendenhall - I think the Steelers will come out and establish the run early and often. Mendenhall will consistently run for just a few yards at a time due to the Packers' tough front three, but the Steelers' persistence will lead to a few long Mendenhall runs."

AB: "Ben Roethlisberger - This one would be a no brainer. I almost put Rashard Mendenhall, because if the Steelers win this game, they will most certainly need a big game from him on the ground."

Jimmy: "Aaron Rodgers. He might be the easy pick, buts that because he is the best offensive player that will step on the field today. He's shown his ability playing indoors, and lit up the Steelers last year."

Keith: "Greg Jennings - picking Rodgers would be too easy, I think Jennings or Driver could make a couple big plays and steal it from him."

Defensive Standout

Alex: "James Harrison - He was a Super Bowl standout once, I predict two sacks from him and a forced fumble"

AB: "Lamar Woodley- Look for Woodley to get Rodgers on the ground for some key sacks."

Jimmy: "Charles Woodson. The veteran might want this Super Bowl ring more than any other player on the field. He is the heart and soul of this Packers' defense, and I believe he will take his game to a whole other level tonight."

Keith: "Clay Matthews - this just solidify's it"

Surprise standout

Alex: "Andrew Quarless - With so much talk about the Packers' receivers, expect Rodgers to look to Quarless a bunch."

AB: "WR Emmanuel Sanders- He and Antonio Brown will be counted upon heavily once again, and will surprise
some folks with great plays downfield."

Jimmy: "Donald Driver. The Packers just have too good many receivers for the Steelers defense to cover. Driver hasn't been himself this year, bothered by a hamstring injury. With Jennings, Jones, and Nelson likely getting most of Pittsburgh's attention, I think Driver might be in for a big day receiving."

Keith: "TE Heath Miller - I think the big tight end could be Big Ben's security blanket."

Good Prop Bet

Alex: These are pretty funny, particularly the past v. present of Brett Favre in the Super Bowl vs. Aaron Rodgers today. Obviously these are first. And I am absolutely going over on Brett Favre 2.5 mentions during the game.

AB: Over/under on how many times Troy Aikman says, "There's no question..." O/U set at 5. I am saying over, because he will probably say this over 10 times. If you have never noticed this before, then you will really get a laugh listening for it this Super Bowl.

Jimmy: Over/under on how many times FOX mentions Troy Polamalu, Clay Matthews, and AJ Hawk's hair: 3.5

Keith: Over/under on how many times FOX will mention Brett Favre on tv during the game.
O/U set at 2.5. I am saying over even though I hope I lose this one.

Final score

Alex: Steelers 27 Packers 24

AB: Steelers 31 Packers 28

Jimmy: Packers 31 Steelers 27

Keith: Packers 27 Steelers 21

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  1. jimmy was 2 points off a perfect prediction: 31-25 Packers win the Super Bowl