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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ab's Mock Draft: February Edition

Updated 2-5

AB’s Mock Draft
1. Carolina Panthers- Da’Quan Bowers, DE, Clemson
Bowers is homegrown in Carolina, and would provide instantanious starting ability for the Panthers in his first season. Bowers combined with Charles Johnson (who NEEDs to be resigned), could become one of the most fearsome pass rushing combos.
2. Denver Broncos- Patrick Peterson, LSU, CB
Peterson, the soon to be replacement of Champ Bailey, will help boost an ailing secondary that might also be losing Perrish Cox to legal run-ins.
3. Buffalo Bills- Nick Fairley, Auburn, DT
An unstoppable force in 2010, Fairley was a huge reason why Auburn won the BCS National Title, and could be the flair the Bills need to turn a dying franchise around
4. Cincinatti Bengals- A.J. Green, Georgia, WR
With the expiring contracts of T.O. and Cedric Benson, as well as the recent trade request from Carson Palmer, the Bengals offense is falling to pieces. A.J. Green should be taken within the top 5 picks without a doubt, and can legitimately make the case for #1. Best WR in 2011 draft
5. Arizona Cardinals- Robert Quinn, UNC, DE/OLB
Asking around, this is one of the toughest picks to mock. Of all the top 5 teams, Arizona is the most likely to trade down in order to acquire more picks. With that being said, I'll give them the next most talented player in the draft.
6. Cleveland Browns- Cam Jordan, Cal, DE
Holmgren has an excellent eye for talent that rises in the Draft season, and Cam Jordan is a perfect fit in any scheme. Extremely versatile, can line up in any scheme at almost any position besides nose, and steadily improved throughout his college career. Should blossom in the pro's. 
7. S.F. 49ers- Von Miller, TAMU, OLB
Picking inside the top 10 is a tough task; first off it obviously means you finished among the bottom tier of the NFL. Moreover, you more than likely have so many gaping holes that one pick won't do the trick. The trick is to draft whomever you believe will create the biggest "impact". Von Miller is an exceptional prospect and could go higher than this pick, but the value here is too great for Harbaugh and Niner nation to pass up.
8. Tennessee Titans- Blaine Gabbert, Missouri, QB
Bud Adams wants change. Got rid of HC Jeff Fisher and his former QB Vince Young, and the first step in rebuilding is to draft a QB who has the talent to develop into a franchise quarterback. To be successful going forward, Adams must use this first pick or his next in addressing the QB position, the most vital/impactful component to any football team.
9. Dallas Cowboys- Marcell Dareus, Alabama, DE
Rob Ryan's new D is a mixed look 34 scheme, but regardless, there is a gaping need for elite talent at DE. With Marcus Spears injured, with an expiring contract, the Cowboys desperately need to rebuild their aging D-Line. The only way the 'Boys get pressure on the QB is if Demarcus Ware or Anthony Spencer run the arc on the edge. Dareus provides the talent influx at the aging position, as well as help attack the QB.
10. Washington Redskins- Julio Jones, Alabama, WR
Regardless of who plays quarterback, the Redskins have got to rebuild their WR corps. Santana Moss and Anthony Armstrong both would benefit from the addition of an outside WR threat. Moss and Armstrong could be even better utilized in slot roles in the offense, with Chris Cooley or Fred Davis split out on a linebacker or safety (mismatch). Julio Jones is a big, physical, tough, and talented WR who can excel at the NFL level.
11. Houston Texans- Aldon Smith, Missouri, DE
Everyone in the NFL Draft world was shocked when the Texans selected Mario Williams ahead of hometown hero Vince Young and even Reggie Bush... So far that pick has been excellent, and the reason the Texans pulled that trigger, was because of Williams' freakish athleticism and potential. Aldon Smith is a similar type of prospect, who should wow people when he tests.
12. Minnesota Vikings- Cam Newton, Auburn, QB
Its tough projecting the Vikings draft pick here, but Newton would be an ideal fit with the personnel in Minnesota, as well as the coaches being perfect for Cam Newton's development as a quarterback.
13. Detroit Lions- Prince Amukamara, Nebraska, CB
Best available player, Amukamara is just another big piece to the puzzle of Detriot's defense. CB is one of their biggest needs and many consider Prince to be a top 8 talent.
14. St. Louis Rams- Jimmy Smith, Colorado, CB
Now being disputed as possibly the best CB in the draft, rangy, lengthy, and silky smooth Jimmy Smith could be an instant contributor for the Rams who sport a very weak secondary.
15. Miami Dolphins- Ryan Mallett, Arkansas, QB
The verdict has come and passed on Chad Henne. He will not be their "franchise quarterback" and it's time for the Dolphins to invest a first round draft pick at the QB position. Ryan Mallett is similarly built to Henne but much more talented. Could excel in Miami.
16. Jax. Jaguars- Ryan Kerrigan, Purdue, DE
Tyson Alualu in last year's draft was the surprise pick of the first round. This year, the Jaguars won't surprise anyone with this pick, but Kerrigan is arguably one of the best at getting to the QB. Excellent pass rusher and instant starter.
17. NE Patriots-  Justin Houston, Georgia, OLB
The biggest reason the Jets were so successful versus the Pats defense, was a lack of a pass rush. Justin Houston is one of the less heralded 3-4 rush OLB or 4-3 DE molds who could provide a spark for this Patriots pass rush.
18. San Diego Chargers- J.J. Watt, Wisconsin, DE
Blue collar athlete who plays similarly to Luis Castillo (SD Charger great), Watt utilizes his length, arm placement, and football IQ to stuff running lanes and get to the passer. The Chargers have one of the best offenses in the league, but the defense needs help all over.
19. New York Giants- Tyron Smith, USC, OT
Upside, upside, upside; it's all about the player potential in first round drafting for the New York Giants. Tyron Smith is similar to Jason Pierre Paul in that he is largely unrefined and raw. Smith could be worked slowly into filling David Diehl's left tackle position, and help by spot starting in case of injury. 
20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Adrian Clayborn, Iowa, DE
Opinions vary on Clayborn (Top 10 pick to outside the first round entirely), but Clayborn's versatility and size would be perfect for the Bucs front. Clayborn would need to improve his counter rush moves, but would be counted upon by the Bucs to be the primary edge rusher.
21. Kansas City Chiefs- Anthony Castonzo, B.C., OT
Scott Pioli has serious interest in this BC prospect. Castonzo is a polished left tackle prospect who is excellent in pass protection, while maintaining a defensive like punishing mentality.
22. Indianapolis Colts- Mikell LeShoure, Illinois, RB
A difficult pick to project, the Colts could go a number of directions; interior D-Line help versus the run, O-Line to protect Peyton, or bring in a RB of the future who can tote the rock close to 20 times a game. I don't think we'll see a scheme change obviously, as the Colts will always be pass happy as long as Peyton Manning is alive. Nevertheless, Mikell LeShoure could be that back that finally brings back memories of former great runners at Indy such as Marshall Faulk and Edgerrin James.
23. Philadelphia Eagles- Derek Sherrod, Miss. StateOT
My personal favorite offensive tackle prospect, Sherrod does everything well, has prototypical size, and was a consistent starter in the SEC. Very good feet and really knows how to get to the 2nd level. Long term starter in the NFL.
24. New Orleans Saints- Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama
The lack of a running game ultimately became the downfall of the Saints. Chris Ivory is a nice change of pace back, plug in starter, and spark in an offense. With that being said, the Saints have not had a workhorse back since Ricky Williams and Mark Ingram is a special talent. Who Dat Nation would love to have Mark Ingram onboard for another title run.
25. Seattle Seahawks- Jake Locker, Washington, QB
The perfect fit for Jake Locker and the perfect fit for the Seattle Seahawks, this to me seems very likely. The value is extraordinary, as Locker's draft stock warrants a late first to early second round draft pick. WCO player who could sit behind veteran Matt Hasselback and really develop as a quarterback of the future.
26. Baltimore Ravens- Torrey Smith, WR, Maryland
Extremely talented and explosive, Torrey Smith was an underclassman I highlighted midseason as a guy who could shoot up "into the earlier rounds of the draft..." If he runs what he is expected to run (4.3 40 yd dash), then he will for sure be the 3rd WR taken in the 2011 Draft.
27. Atlanta Falcons- Brandon Harris, CB, Miami (Fl)
The growth of Eric Grimes is indicative of the Falcons growth as a Franchise; Rapid, unexpected, and very successful. In drafting Brandon Harris, they will have a future shutdown corner who can blanket his third of the field. 
28. New England Patriots- Phil Taylor, Baylor, DT
Each year the Patriots come away from the draft with a player who surprises the fans. Whether the name is different, or the place where they draft him is unexpected, the Patriots go and find "under the radar" players who excel in the NFL. Phil Taylor fits the Pats position prototype at DE (big nasty and heavy) and he can even generate a pass rush. 
29. New York Jets- Cam Heyward, Ohio State, DE
Cam Heyward is a powerful, ideal 3-4 DE who anchors against the run, and can get after the passer. Heyward's size and strength, combined with his overall athleticism, make him a draft prospect with great upside. 
30. Chicago Bears- Corey Liuget, Illinois, DT
Tommie Harris finally started to play up to his talent level (somewhat), but it may be too late. With an expiring contract, and a deep D-Line class in the 2011 draft, don't be surprised to see Harris replaced through the draft. Liuget is an absolute beast of a DT and would be an absolute steal for the Bears. 
31. Pittsburgh Steelers*- Mike Pouncey, Florida, OG
How can the Steelers pass up the opportunity to have twins who won BCS Titles together, on their offensive line? They simply can't. Mike Pouncey's brother's success has just about paved the road for Pouncey to become the next first round draft pick by the Rooneys and Colbert. 
32. Green Bay Packers*- Gabe Carimi, Wisconsin, OT
Gabe Carimi is a Wisconsin man, and the Packers need help on the offensive line. Bulaga looks comfortable as a young starter, and Carimi can play RT until Chad Clifton is ready to retire.

*Slots 31 and 32 are subject to change

Feel free to comment about what your team should/should not do in the 2011 NFL Draft, as our staff will be glad to talk about the NFL with you.


  1. Bulaga has been playing RT almost the whole year as Tauscher was put on the IR.

    That being said, Carimi is still a solid pick, considering they will need another tackle once Clifton retires, not to mention Clifton is an injury concern at his age

  2. Yeah he really is a concern, and Bulaga is definitely a solid RT prospect