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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Blaine Gabbert Scouting Report

Blaine Gabbert, Missouri, 6'5" 235


Size/Arm Strength: 10 - Great arm strength can make all the tough throws... Has the prototypical size... Looks like a franchise quarterback

Accuracy: 7 – Makes some amazing throws on the run.., streaky but will be spot on at times...Played in a Missouri system that implemented a lot of quick passes and and bubble screens so his accuracy numbers are a little inflated (Former Missouri QB Chase Daniels had a 72.9% completion percentage)... Lets his arm strength gets the best of him at times... forces throws and throws high at times...

Throwing Mechanics/Footwork: 5 – Will stand in the pocket and make an amazing throw one down and on the next will look sloppy...Looks a lot like Brett Favre when he throws at times... Struggles when he is pressured... Rolls out to his right too often and is too quick to scramble instead of stepping up in the pocket...

Mobility/Athleticism: 7 - Athletic and can make throws on the run... not great speed but is, mobile enough... will probably run in the 4.8's....


Best fit: I don't know if he is ready to come in and be a franchise savior like a Sam Bradford or Andrew Luck. He only has two years of experience, so I think it would be best for him to sit behind a veteran and continue to develop.

X-Factor: How early is a team willing to draft him? Gabbert is believed to be the top quarterback prospect in the draft, the question is which of the many teams that need a quarterback will select him. Panthers, Bills, Bengals, Cardinals, 49ers, Titans, and Redskins select in the top 10 and could all use a quarterback.

Where he will be picked: Top 5. With so many teams needing a franchise quarterback Gabbert should have a lot of suitors come draft day. The biggest thing about Gabbert is at 6'5" 235 lbs, he looks the part. Add the fact that he should be very impressive in his pre-draft workouts, I think will end up in the top 5 if not first or second overall.

Where he should be picked: Late first- mid second round. I am not a big fan of Gabbert. I see the potential and some of his highlights are very impressive, but I think he should have stayed in school instead of declaring early. I think Gabbert is worth a late first round pick for a team that can sit him and really teach him the pro system. If he ends up being drafted top 5 and forced to start right away I think he will end up being a bust.

NFL Comparison: Jay Cutler, Chicago Bears


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