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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

AB's Monthly Mock: November shows no love to Locker

1. Buffalo (0-7) Andrew Luck
 (Need a franchise QB, simply put. Best QB prospect in the 2011 Draft)

2. Dallas (1-6) Patrick Peterson 
(secondary problems at the safety and cornerback level; Peterson's versatility will cover some of Dallas' glaring weaknesses on D)

3. Carolina (1-6) A.J. Green 
(Jimmy Clausen was drafted as a franchise QB; with Steve Smith often injured, Clausen needs young weapon)

4. San Francisco (2-6) Prince Amukamar
(secondary problems in San Fran can be put to rest with this pick)

5. Denver (2-6) Robert Quinn
(freakish athlete who could start across Elvis Dumerville, creating the most fearsome pass rush in NFL)

6. Minnesota (2-5) Janoris Jenkin
(aging secondary in Minnesota with Antoine Winfield; instant impact)

7. Detroit (2-5) Adrian Clayborn
 (best available player will play alongside Suh, centerpieces of the future for the Detroit Lions)

8. Cincinnati (2-5) Stephen Paea
 (Need 3-4 NT plug, Paea is as strong as an Ox and a prototypical NT; something tough to find nowadays)

9. Cleveland (2-5) Da’Quan Bowers 
(3-4 DE, immediate starter in Cleveland's weak front seven)

10. San Diego (3-5) Akeem Ayers 
(Shawn Merriman replacement; a better athlete and more fluid in coverage, Ayers should be perfect fit. Don't be surprised if Von Miller is taken here instead)

11. Arizona (3-4) Ryan Mallet 
(Need an arm that can sit in pocket and distribute to WR weapons; Can also see them drafting an OT as Faneca is aging and on contract yr)

12. St. Louis (4-4) Marcel Dareus
(Offense is ripe with talent, could see them draft Julio Jones here, but there are other options for RD 2. Dareus provides strength to a below average front seven)

13. New England - from Oakland (4-4) Mark Ingram
(Best pro RB prospect, former Heisman winner, should be an instant contributor)

14. Washington (4-4) Julio Jones 
(Badly in need of strong, young talent at the receiver position. Very physical receiver)

15. Jacksonville (4-4) Derek Sherrod
(Need to solidify line, Sherrod is most complete tackle prospect in the draft.)

16. Chicago (4-3) Nick Fairley
 (Missing a interior defensive force, Tommie Harris hasn't performed up to expectations. Fairley is dominant and will be a strong contributor)

17. Philadelphia (4-3) Bruce Carter
 (lack of talent at OLB will lead to a somewhat reach by the Eagles . Carter is an excellent playmaker)

18. Miami (4-3) Kyle Rudolph 
(losing Anthony Fasano to FA and Parcells likes Notre Dame prospects; best TE prospect in draft. Don't be surprised if they draft a playmaking RB, like JaQuizz Rodgers or Ryan Williams if they declare)

19. Houston (4-3) Ryan Kerrigan 
(will immediately start opposite M. Williams, one of the high upside players in my opinion, Kerrigan is a very intriguing prospect and is flying up The3-4's weekly Big Board)

20. Tennessee (5-3) Demarcus Love
(aging line; Demarcus Love provides depth and versatility, as he has started at nearly every singly O-Line position)

21. Seattle* (4-3) Gabe Carimi 
(road grading lineman, shores up RT position, further solidifying a young O-line. Best run blocking lineman in the draft)

22. Green Bay* (5-3) Demarco Murray
(playmaking RB who can be instant impact; receiving threat will make him intriguing talent. Could open up the playbook for Aaron Rodgers as he has never had a pass-catching running back in his tenure at GB)

23. Kansas City* (5-2) Von Miller 
(3-4 rush OLB start opposite Tamba Hali; Chiefs D looking strong)

24. Pittsburgh* (5-2) Marvin Austin 
(old d-line, revamp of talent beginning with Austin. Tomlin will whip him into shape and straighten out his character concerns)

25. New Orleans* (5-3) Cameron Heyward
(best run defending lineman available, Heyward is strong at the POA. Upside as good as anyone in the draft, has physical tools to succeed)

26. New York Jets* (5-2) Cameron Jordan 
(most explosive and disruptive player left on the board, Jordan can fit into any scheme but is perfect fit in Rex Ryan's 3-4 as a DE)

27. Tampa Bay* (5-2) Rodney Hudson 
(versatility and football IQ; Tampa Bay can build around a guy like Hudson for the future. Young football team, like the Chiefs, with lots of promise)

28. Baltimore* (5-2) Nate Solder 
(similarly built to Ogden of Ravens past, 6ft 9in 315 lbs; RT prospect who can add depth to a injury riddled line)

29. Atlanta* (5-2) Rahim Moore 
(ball hawking safety who will be an immediate start in a weak Falcons secondary)

30. Indianapolis* (5-2) Daniel Thomas 
(workhorse back who will take backfield over; soft hands will allow him to steal 3rd down carries his rookie yr)

31. New York Giants* (5-2) Allen Bailey 
(Talented player, similar to Jason Pierre Paul, a guy Giants reached for last season)

32. New England* (6-1) Jon Baldwin 
(vertical threat, who very well may be the most talented wr in draft. Randy Moss replacement)

*based on current NFL Standings
Mock Draft v11


  1. Do you really think Akeem Ayers is worth a top 10 pick? I have seen him play and although he has great size and looks to be a good athlete, I think he is really overrated. He misses a lot of tackles and does not have great awareness.

  2. Ayers has the most upside of any linebacker in the draft, and the chargers were willing to part ways with Merriman; they either have their eyes set on Ayers or Miller. Ayers physical tools alone should make him worth a top 10 pick; yet the Chargers are known to trade up/down pending on needs, and in this case they most likely will trade down and draft either Von Miller who is equally talented or Greg Jones best ILB. Bruce Carter is more of a 4-3 OLB, becauseof his range and explosiveness, but I could see Carter as well. But in my opinion he does deserve a top 10 overall pick.

  3. Unlikely Packers decide to go with a running back in the 1st round. Grant will be back next year, and O-line, CB, and DE are more pressing concerns

  4. Murray has a special skill set that is enticing to NFL teams; he can line up at receiver and catch passes, natural route runner and Packers could utilize more 5 wide sets and Murray/Grant would provide a forceful backfield. He runs with a good pad level and power. Hard to pass on a player like that. CB is aging but more than capable, O-line brought in Bryan Bulaga and seems to be improving with young guys. But i can see them drafting a DE, definitely a concern