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Monday, March 7, 2011

Rodney Hudson Scouting Report

Rodney Hudson, OG/C, Florida State 6’2 299 lbs


Strengths: Hudson is an athletic guard prospect who moves well in space and has the ability to reach 2nd level quickly. Very active in pass pro, Rodney Hudson has active hands and quick feet. Hudson has great feet for a guard/ center prospect. Works well in pass pro by staying low and having good leverage. Intelligent football player who can provide depth at both guard and center. He understands leverage and pad level in order to turn his negative of lack of size into a positive, by getting underneath his opponents.

Weaknesses: May be a bit undersized, and the weight gained over the pre-draft season might be “phantom weight”. Meaning that once he gets back to football oriented workouts, Hudson will just lose that weight and return to his sub 290 lbs playing frame. Hudson doesn’t drive on the 2nd level sometimes, due to lost balance. Can get blown back at times.


Best Fit: Although he can contribute as a center at the next level, Rodney Hudson could be an instant starter at guard in a zone-blocking scheme. Teams with interior line needs include Kansas City, Seattle, Philadelphia, and Indianapolis. The Pittsburgh Steelers also need O-line overhaul. However since Pittsburgh and Philadelphia like bigger sized linemen, the best fits seem to be at Seattle, Kansas City, or Indianapolis.

X-Factor: How will he carry the added weight on the field? Or will Hudson drop it right back off and remain slightly undersized? Although he did not appear to carry the weight at first, Hudson’s position drills showed that he lost zero athleticism with the extra week. So hovering around the upper 280s to 290s, can Hudson handle the elite d-linemen of the NFL?

Where will he be drafted: Late First Round to Middle of Second Round

Where should he be drafted: Second Round

NFL Comparison: Brian Waters, LG, Kansas City Chiefs

Rodney Hudson vs. UNC (2009)


  1. Minnesota??

  2. hmm, didnt think about Minny, that might be a good fit; they do have a lot of needs along that line right now.

  3. Ponder and Hudson would be great for the Vikes! Go Noles!