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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Patrick Peterson Scouting Report

Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU, 6’0 219 lbs


Strengths: One of the most talented players in the upcoming draft, Peterson is 6’0 219 lbs and runs a 4.3 in the 40! Its unreal how explosive and big Peterson is at cornerback. He has excellent man-to-man cover skills and is physical at the LOS. Great ball skills separate Patrick Peterson from the other cornerbacks in this draft; Peterson has tremendous feel for when the ball is in the air, and does a solid job of keeping it out of the receiver’s hands. Peterson intercepted 4 passes in 2010, returning those for a combined 134 yards. His hands are better than some receivers I’ve had to grade this year.

Combined with the elite cover skills, is Peterson’s versatility in the return game. One of the nations most exciting punt and kick returners to watch last season, Patrick Peterson returned 2 punt returns for touchdowns and had nearly a 1000 yards returning kickoffs. On punt returns, he averaged 11 yards per punt return.

Peterson is also solid against the run. He wraps up well and doesn’t miss many tackles. Has the build of a safety and the feet of a corner; a tremendous player and quite arguably the best player in this draft.

Weaknesses: Backpedal is not technically sound, although he still was able to shutdown top wide receivers in the SEC. Lacked effectiveness when in man-bail coverage; needs someone to teach him the finer points of bail and zone coverage. That being said, he has run and looked really good in cover 3.


Best fit: Anywhere- you can never have too many good cornerbacks. Peterson’s excellent press and man coverage would fit nicely in a multiple look defense that utilizes his athleticism. Peterson could be the next Charles Woodson in the NFL if he lands on a team with a genius D-Coordinator like Dom Capers of Green Bay. Ron Rivera, John Fox, Marvin Lewis are all defensively minded head coaches, and all three pick in the top 4 of the 2011 NFL Draft. I don’t see him falling outside of pick #9 with the Dallas Cowboys, who need tremendous revamping in the secondary.

X-Factor: Will conventional wisdom be thrown out the window in 2011? Could the Panthers actually take a cornerback with the first overall pick? Or will they follow suit with the last three NFL Drafts and draft a quarterback? Peterson’s stock is anywhere from pick 1 to pick 10, its just a matter of a team falling in love with him.

Where he will be picked: Top 10

Where he should be picked: Top 5

NFL Comparison: Rod Woodson, Hall of Fame CB/S, Pittsburgh Steelers, San Fran 49ers, Baltimore Ravens, and Oakland Raiders.

Patrick Peterson versus Julio Jones (The3-4's #2 rated wide receiver)

Patrick Peterson 2010 Highlights

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